Star Trek Vet Brent Spiner Drops F-Bombs Singing About How Awesome He Is For A+ Video

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(Image credit: Star Trek: Picard Screenshot)
(Image credit: Star Trek: Picard Screenshot)

Star Trek fans were sent into excitement-overdrive when it was announced that Brent Spiner would reprise his role as Data for Star Trek: Picard. It was a return that culminated in a highly emotional scene between Data and Picard, which fans are probably still recovering from. Now thanks to Spiner, they can now enjoy quite a bit of levity with a hilarious new video.

As fans know, Data is well-known for his reserved manner, a trademark that makes Brent Spiner’s sidesplitting video singing about how awesome he is such an A+ effort. Why? Because it showcases how talented Spiner is (in case you were somehow unaware). The video starts out as one of those famous video calls celebrities have been using for interviews before it turns into this:

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From a “video interview” to Brent Spiner singing with gleeful abandon over the exciting state of his career, this video has it all. How can you not love Spiner celebrating his career resurgence with a tune punctuated with humorous lyrics that point out his current windfall?

As mentioned in the video, Spiner has been busy outside of Star Trek. He also has a role on the Penny Dreadful spinoff, City of Angels, which recently premiered. In recent years, Brent Spiner has also had roles on Supergirl and The Blacklist. Still, his time on Star Trek has cemented a place for him within Trekkie hearts for years to come. Although, it's still unclear if the actor will actually return to the franchise again following his role in Picard.

Brent Spiner has said that he is not against returning to the Star Trek franchise in the future, but he has a condition. Even though Spiner doesn't think doing it again would fall into the realm of realism, fans would arguably look past that point for Spiner and Data’s sake. As Spiner even says himself in his video, he is awesome.

At least recent world events have not robbed Brent Spiner of his sense of humor or his ability to create content. Spiner joins his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star, Jonathan Frakes, in supplying the fandom with fun tidbits as of late.

The good news for Brent Spiner fans is that he has found a way to stay busy and, hopefully, he'll continue to do so. This funny video shouldn't be lost on anyone, as it has already amassed over a quarter million views! Now, fans will just have to wait and see what Spiner gets up to next. And with any luck, that may just be another venture into the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: Picard (featuring Brent Spiner’s Data) is currently streaming on CBS All Access. While you wait for Season 2 to arrive, check out this summer’s premieres.

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