Blue Bloods’ Nick Cordero Not Out Of Woods Yet After Waking From Coma, Reveals His Wife

Nick Cordero in Blue Bloods 2019

It was just a few days ago we learned that Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero was showing the first signs of waking from a medically-induced coma he’d been put into as part of a fight against Covid-19. There’s still a long way to go before Cordero’s life is any semblance of normal and this week his wife Amanda Kloots updated us on the Broadway and TV actor’s status.

Amanda Kloots has been a very “hopeful” and positive person as Nick Cordero has gone through his ordeal, yet she’s also managed to be open and honest about his condition at the same time. In a story on Instagram, Kloots spoke out about how Cordero is still on a ventilator as the deal with the infection in his lungs. She noted:

There’s a new hashtag in town and it is #OffTheVent because if we can make this happen, like we did with #WakeUpNick, that will mean that this infection in Nick’s lungs is gone, or not necessarily gone, but better, and that means we can get him off the ventilator.

Nick Cordero has had a rough time since entering the hospital. Amanda Kloots detailed that he had called her while she was still asleep to let her know he was volunteering to be intubated. Since then, he’s dealt with an intense infection in his lungs that to this day has to still be cleaned out. He has also suffered mini strokes.

In addition to those problems,  blood clots led to the doctor’s deciding to amputate one of his legs with Amanda Kloots’ go ahead. He’s had a pacemaker temporarily inputted during this time of strain on his body, but he’s awake and able to understand commands now. Still Amanda Kloots is hopeful Nick Cordero is improving and has been open about her end goal regarding his recovery.

This journey with Nick has been the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through. Nick is a fighter and has not given up. His doctors and nurses have been truly incredible. We will get our Code Rocky!

Code Rocky is a phrase used by those in hospitals in regards to patients dealing with Covid-19 getting released from the hospital. The Code Rocky moment that happened when Nick Cordero woke from his coma actually led to Sylvester Stallone himself sending his respects.

Obviously we’ve never met, but I only hear great things about your work, and that you’re just a born star. I also heard about your tragic situation, and that’s something I can’t even fathom, what such a talented man as you are is going through.

Nick Cordero hasn’t left the hospital yet, but he does have some heavy hitters fighting in his corner beyond Stallone. Other celebrity Zach Braff has been helpful as well, giving Cordero’s family a place to stay during the ordeal (in a guest house). Other Broadway stars including Sara Bareilles, Keala Settle and Jessie Mueller, among others, recorded a tribute in support of the actor.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as Nick Cordero continues down the path to recovery.

Jessica Rawden
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