American Idol's Jonny West Shares Kind Words About Margie Mays For Her Support

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the American Idol Season 18 finale. Read at your own risk!

With American Idol Season 18 in the books, there are only a few questions left in the minds of viewers. Mainly, how far will Just Sam go after winning, and what will become of the talented singers who missed the mark? Others may be thinking specifically of Jonny West and his future with a returning competitor for Season 18, Margie Mays.

Amid rumors of the two's relationship deteriorating, I spoke to Jonny West about the experience of going through Season 18 of American Idol with a significant other who was also a competitor. West spoke about stepping in to audition during Mays' second run on the show, and how it wasn't a decision he made lightly. West was ultimately glad he did the show, and was ready to respect Mays' wishes prior to his audition:

If she would have said 'This is sacred to me and I want to try again and, this is my thing.' I would have totally respected that. And I don't think that's weird to say at all because it was her thing and she killed it and has continued to kill it.

Jonny West had reservations about doing American Idol, and feared that the program wouldn't be good for him artistically. West told CinemaBlend that Margie Mays ultimately helped him make the decision to audition, and continued to show support throughout the competition. A lot of this was shown during Season 18, as Mays coached West through the early stages of the competition.

That footage was from when both were still in the competition, however, and some wondered if Margie Mays was as equally as supportive following her elimination. While viewers have speculated that the two may have split during quarantine, West said that Mays was nothing but a beacon of support during his time on American Idol, and was able to watch him live a dream she wanted equally as bad.

The fact that she could put herself aside and just support me and be like, ‘I want you to have this as well and to experience it,’ that’s huge, and I know a hundred thousand percent not a lot of people could do that.

Ultimately, Jonny West fell just short of the Top 2, thus ending his American Idol run. That's not to say his time in the spotlight is over, though, as many people who have lost American Idol have still gone on to have incredibly successful careers in music.

Can Jonny West be one of those people? Margie Mays seems to think so. West's girlfriend shared a thoughtful message about her experience on American Idol and may have simultaneously shut down any people who questioned the status of their relationship.

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The future is never guaranteed for anyone, but for the time being, it seems things haven't changed between Jonny West and Margie Mays. Unfortunately, American Idol rules dictate that West has now progressed too far on the show to re-audition for another season, and with Mays missing the Top 20 two years in a row, I can't imagine she'd want to return. If viewers wish to keep up with their journey through the music industry, it'll have to happen on social media.

American Idol is done for now, but is currently accepting auditions for Season 19. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on reality television, and for the latest news happening in TV and movies.

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