The Voice Season 18 Announced The Winner Despite Awkward Technical Difficulties

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice Season 18 finale. Read at your own risk!

There was laughter, music, drama, and a bunch of skits in The Voice finale, so basically, the type of celebration it always is when the season draws to an end. Not even remote recording made the NBC singing competition any less special, and the reveal of the Season 18 winner was just as memorable as ever. It also was just a bit glitchy but Carson Daly managed to soldier on through technical difficulties to announce Todd Tilghman as the winner.

Todd Tilghman was an instant favorite on The Voice, as his religious background as a preacher made him a standout in Season 18. Tilghman's love of country music made him an easy get for coach Blake Shelton, who secured his seventh win in the singing competition. Tilghman was the winner of a Top 3 consisting of Toneisha Harris and Thunderstorm Artis, with CammWess coming in 4th place and Micah Iverson in 5th.

Todd Tilghman The Voice NBC

Todd Tilghman didn't get the chance for a typical heart-to-heart with his coach, as Blake Shelton's microphone cut out during the final moments of the show. It was another awkward moment The Voice was forced to endure in the past couple weeks, all part of the sacrifices in quality the show had to make to stay live while recording remotely. It was far from the worst moment in Voice history of course, though obviously viewers may have liked to see what Blake had to say to both Tilghman and his other finalist, Toneisha Harris, before the big reveal.

Other highlights of the evening included a new music video from the lovable Jonas Brothers, and the usual collaborations between The Voice's coaches and competitors. Viewers were even treated to clips of the best coach performances of finales past, and boy, it's crazy to think of how many talented superstars have coached contestants over the years. It's also crazy to think that Blake Shelton has been around for all of it, and could very well stick around to the very end.

The old clips also limited the time The Voice had to be live for Part 2 of its finale, which made the awkward moments and glitches fewer and farther between compared to weeks past. Overall it was a solid finale even with technical difficulties (and weird finalist selection decisions), and certainly the best the show could've done given the circumstances. It was a good learning experience for The Voice should it ever have to go remote again, though I'm sure coaches and viewers alike are hoping that doesn't have to happen again anytime soon.

The Voice is done for Season 18, and plans are still being worked out for Season 19. Be sure to stick with CInemaBlend for all the latest regarding the singing competition, and for more news happening in the world of television and movies.

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