Once Upon A Time's Ginnifer Goodwin Is Heading Back To Network TV

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Ginnifer Goodwin made a name for herself on network TV thanks to her long-running role as Snow White on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Now, after a killer role on CBS All Access and a character on Netflix, Goodwin is returning to network television, but definitely not to play a princess. She's heading to Fox for a comedy pilot called Pivoting.

Pivoting will follow three women following the death of a best friend from childhood, according to Deadline, with Ginnifer Goodwin playing Jodie. Goodwin's Jodie is a mother of three children, but her family life isn't altogether happy. Her husband is overbearing and unwilling to let her be herself, and she was brought up by an overprotective mom. How she handles the aftermath of Coleen's death probably won't make her family life any better!

Jodie will have an affair with her gym trainer, which delivers the kinds of excitement and attention that she wanted. Her realization than life is short drove her to make some bad decisions that seem pretty shortsighted. That said, she won't be the only one making these kinds of decisions, and the bond between Jodie, Amy, and Sarah will grow even stronger.

Ginnifer Goodwin will co-lead Pivoting, opposite Eliza Coupe of Happy Endings fame as Amy. Sarah seemingly has not been cast yet, but Tommy Dewey of The Mindy Project has joined the cast. While the project is a comedy, there are seemingly some dramatic notes to the premise, so I have to wonder if Pivoting will be a bit of a dramedy rather than just 100% comedy. After years on Once Upon a Time, Goodwin proved that she can tackle pretty much any kind of genre combination.

Pivoting is in the pilot stage, so there are no guarantees that Ginnifer Goodwin will return to TV as part of an ongoing series just yet, not least because of current events. The project hails from writer Liz Astrof, known for her work on The King of Queens, Two Broke Girls, and The Conners. The pilot will be directed by Tristram Shapeero, who has helmed episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Superstore, and Speechless, among many others.

When the project landed at Fox back in November 2019, Deadline described Pivoting as "a half-hour single-camera comedy" about tragedy, set in a middle-class small town in Long Island where three grieving childhood friends go against the advice of psychologists and make some big decisions while mourning.

While TV production still seems largely at a halt, Fox has already announced plans for the 2020-2021 TV season, so more news about Pivoting may continue to break, especially with more major roles to be cast. I'm guessing that Ginnifer Goodwin's real-life husband won't get to play her on-screen spouse again like on Once Upon a Time, given his own busy schedule over on NBC!

If you want to relive Ginnifer Goodwin's days as Snow White alongside Josh Dallas' Charming while you wait for more news on Pivoted, you can find the full series streaming on Netflix now. For some additional viewing options as we move into the warmer months, be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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