Nick Cordero's Wife Gets Emotional As Blue Bloods Actor Has 'Bad Morning'

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Life remains a roller coaster for Amanda Kloots, wife of the still-hospitalized TV and Broadway actor Nick Cordero. And it's not the kind of roller coaster that anyone would readily embrace. Kloots has been faithfully keeping fans and friends updated on Cordero's condition, which has legitimately gone through noteworthy changes every two or three days. While the news had been fairly positive in recent days, due to Cordero finally waking up from his coma, Kloots got emotional when briefing everyone about her husband's 'bad morning.'

As it has gone for weeks now, Amanda Kloots took to Instagram Stories to put out a video update concerning Nick Cordero's health. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to exude quite the same positivity in that video. Here's what she said about her hubby's current state.

OK guys so I came into the car to blast that song because I needed some stereo-sound strength. Nick has had a bad morning unfortunately. Things are going a little downhill at the moment. I am asking again for all the prayers, mega prayers, right now. Please pray for Nick today. I know that this virus is not gonna get him down. It’s not how his story ends, so just keep us in your thoughts and prayers today. Thank you.

Amanda Kloots' change in tone was quite the shocker, all things considered, as was her message, though it was too vague to make any meaningful assumptions. Nick Cordero first contracted COVID-19 back in March, but it was in mid-April when his health took a serious downturn, as he needed to get on dialysis as well as a ventilator, and he had to get one of his legs amputated after complications from a blood clot. He was eventually put in a medically induced coma, which lasted too long and caused more problems.

Through it all, Amanda Kloots kept pumping out positive vibes, promoting the message "#WakeUpNick" until the point where he actually did wake up. Then, the hashtag rallying shifted to include #OffTheVent and #CodeRocky, in the hopes that Cordero's health would improve enough that he'd be approved to return home with his wife and their young son Elvis. And so given how emotional Kloots got for her most recent update, one can only imagine how much anguish she's really going through. We knew Cordero hadn't improved back to 100% after waking up, which possibly played into this particular bad news.

Speaking of li'l Elvis, Amanda Kloots wrote up a lovely post focusing on how overjoyed she is to be Elvis' mother, and talked out her sadness about Nick Cordero not being able to witness everything. In her words:

Nick always wanted to be a dad. It’s very hard to see Elvis growing and changing so much everyday, knowing how much Nick would love to be here with us. When Nick hears Elvis over the phone though his eyes light up! It’s really sweet. I know he’s fighting for Elvis!!! I know he wants to see Elvis grow up, to teach him things, see him walk, hear him talk and take him to his first day of school! I constantly tell him that he will, that he is the best dad and that Elvis needs him!

Following that, Amanda Kloots kept the Cordero love flowing with another post calling for prayers, with a fairly swanky image of her husband.

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Here's hoping Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots are able to spend many more healthy years together.

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