Latest Nick Cordero Hospital Update Is A 'Huge Deal' For His Wife

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Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero has been fighting for his life due to complications of coronavirus since mid-April, and his wife, Amanda Kloots, has kept fans and followers updated on his status. While there were previous concerns that he wasn't waking from his medically-induced coma as early as expected and he continued to suffer further complications, Kloots was able to share some very good news that she describes as a "huge deal."

Amanda Kloots updated those who have been following her husband's situation on the "huge deal" with an Instagram story, saying this (via ET):

We just got another update on Nick from the hospital and the doctor has confirmed that Nick is starting to follow commands... He is very, very, weak still, so it is very slow progress, when they ask him to do things. But they can see he is trying. Which is awesome. Obviously it is registering, and he's trying to do the things that they ask him to do. This is such a blessing, I can't even tell you. It's just so exciting.

Nick Cordero may not be fully awake and alert after his coma, but following commands is definitely not something he was reportedly capable of doing not so long ago. This comes as good news after several weeks of discouraging updates, starting with the amputation of his leg and then progressing with the insertion of a pacemaker, holes in his lungs, and more.

Despite the bad news that preceded the "huge deal" of Nick Cordero beginning to follow commands, Amanda Kloots explained why she has been able to remain so hopeful. Her husband did begin showing early signs of waking up last week, and she even shared the last photo they took before he was hospitalized.

All of this said, Amanda Kloots was clear that Nick Cordero still has some big challenges ahead in his recovery process. She's keeping some "big, big goals" in mind, including moving Cordero off of dialysis and off of ventilators. Still, this latest development comes after Cordero looked up and looked down when Kloots asked him to on Mother's Day, according to Kloots in another Instagram video.

While the past several weeks have of course been difficult for Nick Cordero, Amanda Kloots, and their family, Kloots' updates on social media resulted in a large number of people showing support and becoming invested in this rare personal window into the complications of coronavirus. Kloots has also been able to stay in Scrub star Zach Braff's guest house in Los Angeles, as Braff and Cordero are friends.

Hopefully Nick Cordero will continue to make progress in his recovery. He was originally hospitalized for pneumonia, but later tested positive for COVID-19 as one of many in the industry diagnosed with coronavirus.

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