Watch Matt Damon Hilariously Interrupting Jimmy Kimmel's Big Summer Vacation Announcement

jimmy kimmel summer vacation announcement

One of TV's most ridiculous ongoing rivalries is the over-the-top "feud" between late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and Hollywood icon Matt Damon. The situation has obviously been at something of a stalemate in recent months, with Jimmy Kimmel Live! episodes being produced out of the comedian's home during the quarantine. Damon picked the perfect time to reappear on the show, however, revealing himself in Thursday night's episode as Kimmel dropped the surprising news that he'll be taking a personal hiatus spanning the rest of the summer.

For the first time in his 18 years as a late night TV talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel will be taking an extended voluntary vacation through the dog days of summer, allowing for a revolving door of special celebrity guest hosts to step up and fill the void. Check out his announcement below, complete with Matt Damon interruption.

I can't think of which element from this video is harder to believe: that Jimmy Kimmel is actually going to break free from his nightly routines for months on end directly ahead of a presidential election, or that Matt Damon was actually hiding out undetected inside Kimmel's house for the past three months. Probably the latter, but considering Kimmel likes to go toe-to-toe with his political rivals, it's a pretty big shock that he'll be taking a backseat for the summer, even if his reasoning makes all the sense in the world.

One would assume that Matt Damon won't be one of the guest hosts that Jimmy Kimmel & Co. invite to temporarily take over, but stranger things have happened. Speaking of, what about the Stranger Things cast? Would it be weird to have a TV show's entire cast filling in for a single talk show host? Not when David Harbour is involved. I mean, he's not, I don't think. Unless Matt Damon was hiding some other surprises in that room.

Oh, I guess he was, in the form of Jimmy's awesome wife Molly! Damon, that cad! One can only imagine that they weren't honoring social distancing when they were alone together. I'm kidding, of course. But it's no joke that the below exchange ended in one of Matt Damon's best exit lines from anything he's ever done.

Jimmy: Hey, that's my wife. Why is my wife in the room?Matt: Why do you think she's in the room?Jimmy: You son of a bitch! You did it again.Matt: That's right! Bobby Baby Balls. Molly, get your mask on! I'm on my way. [to Jimmy} Have a great summer and, like, whoever gives a fuck where you're going.

Here's hoping Jimmy Kimmel has a peaceful break with his family, and that he has enough motivation to come back when the summer is over, rather than more firmly deciding to just not return to late night TV at all. Kimmel has hinted at a possible retirement in the past, and even though he does keep re-upping his contracts with ABC, he's clearly closer to the end of his run than the beginning of it.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights on ABC at 11:35 p.m. Don't forget about the show's two-week hiatus before all the surprise guest hosts will be revealed. While waiting to hear more, be sure to check out our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule to keep up with all the great shows debuting and returning in the coming months.

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