Watch Dakota Johnson Social Distance With Jimmy Kimmel In Wild Pink Outfit

Dakota Johnson in The High Note
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Late night shows have not been operating the same way since stay-at-home orders have swept the nation, and hosts have been getting creative about how they conduct their interviews. The video conference interview has become the new normal, but a recent interview by Jimmy Kimmel had the host going for a socially distanced chat with Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson, and it’s delightful.

Jimmy Kimmel and Dakota Johnson are conveniently neighbors just as the 30-year-old is promoting her new comedy The High Note, which reached VOD today. But the real star of the cute interview was Johnson’s wild, fluffy pink dress that was apparently just hanging around in her closet this whole time. Check it out below:

It’s just nice to see two people really talk to each other in the same space… even if they are between a fence and a bed of jasmine shrubs. In late night tradition, Dakota Johnson dressed up for the occasion while holding a hose and complaining how it “smells like feet.” Halfway through the outside chat, the granddaughter of Tippi Hendren admitted it’s “hard to wear this.” She said it came from some sort of runway show. Points for putting it to use, Dakota!

It looks a bit like something The Hunger Games’ Effie would wear, or alternatively, a live-action fairy from Sleeping Beauty. It also looks like a designer folded-over hot pink comforter... maybe? During the talk, Jimmy Kimmel invites her over for drumsticks and they bickered over their other neighbors. Too bad her boyfriend, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, didn’t come over and play some songs too! The actress recently made her directorial debut by helming the band’s music video “Cry Cry Cry.”

Dakota Johnson has lived in her beautiful Hollywood home for the past five years, just as her iconic role as Anastasia Steele debuted on big screens. Since she finished off shooting the E.L. James series, the actress has been making some inspired choices in critically-acclaimed films such as Suspiria, Bad Times At the El Royale and The Peanut Butter Falcon with Shia LaBeouf.

Her latest role in The High Note has her playing a personal assistant to Tracee Ellis Ross’ pop star character. The movie was initially expected to hit theaters on May 8, but since changed course to a straight-to-video release. The High Note has debuted with positive reviews at 69% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and a similar 67% from audiences. The movie also stars Ice Cube, Bill Pullman and Eddie Izzard.

The High Note is available to rent for a 48-hour window for $19.99 from Universal’s Focus Features, following the studio’s record-breaking and controversial release of Trolls World Tour on VOD back in April. Stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more celebrity interviews – no promises another one will top Dakota Johnson’s fashion statement.

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