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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Ultimate Tag episode "No One's Faster Than The Flow." Read at your own risk!

Ultimate Tag has had an eventful season thus far, and each episode has given viewers something worth talking about. This time around there were no insane records being set or some concerning injuries, but an awkward moment of flirting from a competitor potentially hoping for more than a $10,000 cash prize.

It all went down in the second event when competitor Justin went up against The Flow and The Boss in Revenge Tag. Justin was confident in his abilities as a player, and apparently as a smooth-talking casanova as well. Watch Justin attempt to flirt with The Boss during her pursuit of him, and continue reading to see if any sparks flew between the two in the interview that followed.

Head's up, Justin! This isn't The Bachelor or even Labor of Love. The only pursuit that's prioritized in Ultimate Tag is the pro taggers looking to grab contestants' flags, but that doesn't mean there isn't room in this franchise to expand. Could Justin and The Boss break the mold and become the first known couple to find love on this show?

I'm not really sure what to think, judging from the post-game interview in which Justin was called out for his in-game flirting with The Boss. Justin took the opportunity to double down with another compliment for The Boss, saying he got lost in her eyes. JJ Watt asked The Boss for a comment after saying Justin may be "sweet" on her, and Boss seemed unsure of how to respond.

That may be the case, but this is a game so...[shrugs]

I'm not quite sure what to make of The Boss' comment there, though the Watt brothers seemed to indicate afterward that she was politely saying she was not interested. I can definitely buy into her being just polite for the sake of not making Justin look like a fool on national television. I'm guessing they were just two star-crossed taggers passing in the obstacle course. Take a look for yourself!

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For as awkward and slightly uncomfortable as this bit of Ultimate Tag flirtation was, I will say I preferred this in comparison to the smack talk we've been hearing between taggers and competitors over the past few weeks. Half the time the insults don't even make sense, as contestants will be talking trash even though they got dominated by the pro they were up against. Now, if we could just work towards pros and contestants lifting each other up with compliments and positive speech, this could be the wholesome non-aggressive family show I really want it to be.

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