The Masked Singer's Dinosaur Just Revealed One Of The Show's Tricks

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's Group C finals. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer eliminated its final contestant in Group C, meaning the final 9 contestants of Season 3 have been solidified. Unfortunately for The Dinosaur, she won't be joining the remaining contestants as she was just short of the final cut. She was later unmasked to be YouTube personality and singer Jojo Siwa, who went on to share one of the show's secrets following her exit.

Those who have watched The Masked Singer may have wondered how celebrities can manage to sing in those outfits, especially in the crazier costumes. Now, there's an answer thanks to Siwa, who revealed the microphone people saw her use while in costume wasn't actually the microphone she used while performing.

I was actually wearing a headset and my microphone was just the prop. It was honestly quite uncomfortable.

For professional singers wondering how all that mic control worked out with a giant dinosaur snout in the way, it didn't. Jojo Siwa was merely holding a microphone, but actually singing through a headset attached to her face. That's probably the case with others who have performed on The Masked Singer where the costume would've been difficult to sing through and into a handheld microphone. Using the handheld as a prop would prevent audience accusations of lip-syncing, or just give contestants something to do with their hands.

A headset microphone would be awkward for Jojo Siwa, who uses a microphone with a half stand attachment that almost looks like a baton in her non-masked career. It's almost like a prop as well, but on stage, she's singing through that microphone as opposed to pretending to use it while using another one attached to her face.

Secret microphones aren't the only info Jojo Siwa shared with EW, though her conversation about the costumes echoed the past interviews with other contestants on the show. Siwa may have looked graceful and mobile hopping around on stage, but she did not feel like it was business as usual while dressed up as The Dinosaur.

Oh no, it was so difficult. Honestly. It was hard and heavy. I had 18 layers on, but it was still worth it. If I could go back in time, I'd do it all again.

Jojo Siwa has no regrets about her time on The Masked Singer, even though she fell short of the Top 9 rounds. It's now where the best of the best (or at least who remains) will duke it out, and one of them is guaranteed to become the Season 3 winner of The Masked Singer.

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