Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea Is Dead At 24

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Nicole Thea, a lifestyle YouTube star and dancer who had notably been focusing on her pregnancy in recent videos on the popular platform, is dead at 24. Her mother announced the news over the weekend, noting that both Nicole and the son she and her partner had decided to call Reign had passed away.

In a loving and devastated post sent out onto Nicole Thea’s other social media platforms, the YouTube star's mother informed Nicole Thea’s fans about the death of her daughter and her son, whom she and her partner had decided to call Reign.

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Nicole Thea’s partner was Global Boga (Jeffery Frimpong), a street dancer in the U.K., who has ultimately opted to continue to post Nicole Thea’s upcoming YouTube content in the days and weeks to come. On July 12, a video had been posted of Thea setting up and later sitting in a bathtub full of milk for a glam pregnancy photography shoot. She'd also shared a still from the shoot on her Instagram account.

No cause of death has been given, but about a week ago, Nicole Thea's partner shared a post indicating he believe the baby would be coming that Monday. As of a couple of days ago, he was still excitedly posting about the impending birth of his son on social media, even dancing with a stroller.

The couple had been expecting a baby for about eight months and had been sharing much of the journey together. Just a couple of weeks ago, Nicole Thea TV shared a post featuring Global Boga and speaking out about the bag they would be taking into the hospital together, which she described as "so big." The two had also continued dancing together on social media.

Nicole Thea was a popular YouTube star who lived in London, but she had also amassed an avid fanbase on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She'd announced her pregnancy to her fanbase back in April, noting at the time she couldn't keep the secret any longer. She also mentioned she was 22 weeks pregnant in a hashtag that accompanied her April announcment.

Can’t hide this any longer, secrets out. GOD gave us the biggest blessing yet. Can’t believe this bubba will be half of me + half of the loml. GOD made no mistakes making him the father. Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to love, hold and cherish you for ever and ever. #22weeks

Our thoughts go out to Nicole Thea's family and her partner Global Boga during this time. More details are likely to come out as the days pass and the 24-year-old star's fans will be able to see the star a few more times as her final videos are released into the online world.

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