WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Puked After Rey Mysterio 'Loses An Eye' In Truly WTF Match

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WWE has been in a weird place ever since it was forced to forgo audiences at its events and has done some pretty wild things to try and make up from that. The latest stunt came from its The Horror Show At Extreme Rules pay-per-view, in which Rey Mysterio took on Seth Rollins in an "Eye for an eye" match. Per the stipulations, the match couldn't end until either man lost an eye, and WWE delivered in true "wtf" fashion.

Fans understood going in there was a chance someone would "lose" an eye, but what they may not have expected was just how graphic the moment would be. For those that missed it, check out Seth Rollins popping out Rey Mysterio's eyeball and then puking after witnessing the scene:

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The whole scene, to a casual observer, could almost sell as a legitimate screw-up though, in the case of an actual mishap, one may expect WWE's production team would cut away from the carnage. There certainly would've also been medical staff quicker to Rey Mysterio's aid, as opposed to a ref just gawking at the situation while Rollins horked in the corner.

All credit to WWE though to make the moment as stomach-churning as possible all the same. The look of Mysterio's eye after the match was something out of a grindhouse slasher film and certainly not the level of gore a modern WWE audience is used to. Matches in recent years have been called early due to too much blood being spilled, so to see what looked like a popped out eyeball on screen was pretty gnarly:

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As of this writing, WWE has announced that the damage to Rey Mysterio's eye may be fixable. The question on whether or not the wrestler will make a full recovery is contingent on some behind-the-scenes issues regarding Mysterio's contract with the organization. Wrestler Observer has reported a major reason Mysterio lost the eye in the match was that he has been working without a contract and that losing the eye could be an easy way for WWE to write him out of the program if he doesn't lock in a deal with them.

If Mysterio does sign a contract, then the WWE can just confirm the recent "report" that doctors were able to restore Rey Mysterio's sight without any major issues. The main point is that WWE isn't obligated to immediately follow up on Mysterio's status given the current story, which would give the organization time to work with the WWE legend and work out a way to keep him within the brand. With so many former WWE alumni jumping ship to rival organization AEW as of late, it could cost an arm and a limb to keep Mysterio, but that's only fair considering the eye he sacrificed.

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