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Michael Jordan The Last Dance Netflix

The Last Dance dropped on Netflix on July 19, and now even more people are experiencing the incredible docuseries chronicling Michael Jordan's years on the Chicago Bulls. More eyes on the show mean more reactions, and as expected the memes are even better the second time around than the first.

One of the best things about The Last Dance, which previously aired in full on ESPN, is that it's able to tell Michael Jordan's story while still highlighting the various other major faces of the organization. This includes Dennis Rodman, whose legendary antics both on and off the court were highlighted quite a bit throughout the docuseries.

Scottie Pippen is getting some attention as well, and Netflix viewers seem to feel the same as many did during the first airing of The Last Dance. Some feel like the documentary treated him unfairly, while others think he didn't get the proper payment for his skill while in the league.

And how can we not include Bulls general manager and The Last Dance's implied villain Jerry Krause? The deceased manager of the Bulls did not get a favorable look in The Last Dance, and one person thinks Space Jam may have taken a shot at him in the 1996 movie:

The Last Dance does feature a lot of the Chicago Bulls, but let's not forget this is a story about Michael Jordan. The docuseries is jam-packed with some of the greatest highlights of Jordan's career, and it's reminding a whole new audience why he is still considered the greatest of all time.

The Last Dance is being used by some as a teaching moment, for those looking to educate the youth on why Michael Jordan was so great. Parents are showing the docuseries to their kids, and based on some tweets, might be getting a little too passionate about driving the point home.

Parents have some help in making their point, however, thanks to the major cameos that are peppered throughout The Last Dance. Basketball legends all share their thoughts on Michael Jordan, as do various celebrities, and one former resident of Chicago some folks may remember.

Cameos paired with the raw and unfiltered look at Michael Jordan's most personal moments of his career are what make The Last Dance a truly bingeable masterpiece. Netflix viewers are still raving about the emotion behind one scene in particular, which was also lauded by audiences who watched when it was first on ESPN.

The Last Dance was such a hit other athletes like Tom Brady are signing deals for their docuseries. It'll be a tall order for any other documentary to beat, but with the series now on Netflix, anyone can now revisit it whenever they see another sports doc to compare.


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