Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance Has Hit Netflix, And Fans Are Ready To Relive The Drama

Michael Jordan on The Last Dance (2020)

ESPN’s The Last Dance delighted audiences, as it took viewers back to the 1997-1998 NBA season, during which the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls were vying for their sixth championship. The docuseries was met with critical acclaim, despite criticism from a handful of former Bulls players. Now, as previously reported, the nine-part saga is now available to stream on Netflix and, if you think fans, aren’t eager to dive back in, you’d be wrong.

With The Last Dance now available to stream on Netflix, folks across social media are expressing their excitement at the prospect of reliving the drama-infused series. One Twitter user flat-out confirmed they would be watching the series all over again and stamped it with one of Michael Jordan’s signature moves:

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There have been other ways that viewers have been able to revisit The Last Dance since it finished out its original run on ESPN. The series has been available to stream on ESPN.com, and ABC was airing a censored version. And you can imagine that some have kept it handy on their DVRs. Nevertheless, there are people who are still ready to see it again, despite having already watched it multiple times:

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Because people have already seen the docuseries and know what to expect, there are certain moments within that they’ll be waiting anxiously to see or point out. One of these is apparently a line that Michael Jordan says more than a few times throughout the piece:

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One of the benefits of The Last Dance hitting Netflix is that it will now allow those without paid cable subscriptions to view it for the first time. And judging by some posts, people in that category can’t wait to get their hands on it:

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It’s no surprise that The Last Dance is still popular among viewers. The Jason Hehir-directed series not only explored the Bulls’ performance on the court, but it also dove into aspects of their personal lives. While it wasn’t completely thorough in some respects, it still managed to paint a relatively effective picture of Michael Jordan and his teammates.

As time goes on, first-time viewers will likely begin to share their opinions on the ESPN production, and it’ll be interesting to hear their thoughts. It’s true that The Last Dance has been heralded, but there may be some who won’t care for it. This could be especially true for those sports fans who are still hurting decades after their teams suffered defeat at the hands of the Bulls. But whatever the case, it should lead to some interesting conversations among sports aficionados.

It goes without saying that we’re going to be talking about The Last Dance for years to come. It’s one of those rare documentaries that really knows how to hit you, and it’s good to know that it’s available to watch anytime, if you happen to have a Netflix subscription of course.

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