Rick And Morty's Spencer Grammer Speaks Out After Being Slashed At Restaurant

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One might have expected actress Spencer Grammer's weekend to be centered around the ever-popular Rick and Morty, which delivered its Adult Swim Con panel on Friday, but things took a very unexpected turn that same evening. After Grammer and a friend attempted to calm an irate and reportedly intoxicated man who was trying to get served at a restaurant in New York City, the man allegedly sliced Grammer's arm and slashed her friend across the back before he ran off.

Spencer Grammer and her friend thankfully both made it through the July 24 ordeal without sustaining any serious injuries. In a statement to US Weekly, Grammer spoke up about the incident by saying:

I sustained a laceration on my arm, and my friend was stabbed in the back, but thankfully he suffered no serious internal injuries. We expect to recover quickly. We want to thank the first responders and the staff at Bellevue Hospital, who provided us with excellent care. They fought an incredible battle this year. It was very moving for us to have the opportunity to thank them in person.

On Friday evening, Spencer Grammer and friend Jan Mueller were seated in the patio area for dining at New York City's The Black Ant in the East Village. At one point after 11:00 p.m. ET, an intoxicated man walked up to the restaurant and was loudly demanding to be served. He reportedly started arguing with the restaurant employees whenever they denied him service, which is when Grammer intervened.

Along with the help of her friend, Spencer Grammer attempted to calm the man down, though her efforts were not too kindly received. Without her immediately realizing it, the man used an unidentified weapon to cut Grammer's arm, and then presumably used the same weapon to slash Jan Mueller across his back. According to the New York Daily News, Grammer initially thought her arm had been hit by a chair.

Here's how Spencer Grammer explained why she decided to react to the irate would-be customer:

My friend and I did what anyone else would do in the same situation. Several others, predominantly women, were also attempting to prevent the altercation from escalating.

Luckily, the slash attack wasn't as serious as it could have been, and both Spencer Grammer and her friend likely won't deal with any permanent injuries from the encounter. An investigation is reportedly ongoing to track down the suspect, who left the scene on foot.

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The daughter of Kelsey Grammer and his first wife Doreen Alderman, Spencer Grammer currently voices the role of Summer Smith on Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, and is familiar to fans of such shows as Tell Me a Story, Greek and As the World Turns. Grammer appeared on Rick and Morty's non-Comic-Con panel on Friday alongside co-creator Dan Harmon and co-stars Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke. Fans got to see a very early look at Season 5 during the panel. While waiting to see when that will officially debut, head to our 2020 Fall TV schedule to see what's already confirmed to premiere in the coming months.

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