The Order’s Creator Says That Major Character Will Stay Dead, But I’m Not Convinced

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The Order creator has seemingly closed the book on the rather unfortunate Season 2 fate of one major character, but I’m not convinced. The Netflix series bowed out of its latest season in a way that Game of Thrones would envy, with one of its most vital leads seemingly meeting a definitively fatal end. Though as it went with some of Thrones' deaths, among other shows, fans had reason to believe there's more than meets the eye regarding Alyssa's on-screen death.

The Order concluded its recently released second season with Gabrielle, in werewolf mode, killing Jack’s true love Alyssa, played by Sarah Gray. The shocking twist occurred right after Jack had talked Alyssa out of taking revenge on Vera, and in the grizzly scene, Alyssa’s throat appeared to be fatally harmed. It was certainly a wound that a normal mortal would never be able to survive under such circumstances.

When The Order ended, Jack had not yet given up about bringing Alyssa back to life, and he'd taken her body into the woods with a book that seemed primed to help do just that. At The Order’s Comic-Con@Home 2020 panel, Alyssa’s seeming demise was understandably a hot topic, and after the clip of her “death scene” was shown, The Order creator Dennis Heaton was directly asked if she was really dead. Heaton responded, saying:

Of course, she is. She was killed by a werewolf. . . Her throat was ripped out. People die when their throats get ripped out by werewolves, ask Adam [DiMarco]. I mean Randall. Sorry Adam.

An important thing to note about Dennis Heaton’s response is that it came on the heels of a hilariously fake story about why he killed off Alyssa. He purported that Alyssa’s portrayer Sarah Grey had taken the last slice of cheesecake, and thus had to suffer. Beyond that non-sincere comment, Heaton reasonably has to protect The Order’s plot secrets, such as potentially bringing Alyssa back to life in some way.

If The Order gets renewed for Season 3 and sets Alyssa up to return to the land of the living for it, Dennis Heaton obviously would not want to give away such a big twist. Especially if he wouldn't technically be fibbing by saying that the character is definitely dead at this point in time.

My skepticism about Alyssa's future shouldn't be too big of a mystery to grasp. Alyssa is Jack’s true love, of course, and has served as one of The Order's main protagonists thus far, so it would be weird to kill her off without news of the actress wanting to vacate the role. (Or without some form of fan backlash against her.) Even beyond all that, though, \ there is that mystical factor to add fuel to the return-from-the-dead theory.

Sarah Grey was not part of the Comic-Con@Home 2020 panel, but I do not think that fans need to read too much into that, since many shows' prerecorded panels were missing key names for various reasons. If you do want to worry, however, I have no trouble acknowledging that The Order has dealt some surprising deadly blows before. For instance, the first season knocked my socks off by killing off Sam Trammell’s character, so perhaps the creator wants fans and actors to know that no one is safe on The Order.

Plus, Jack’s father, Edward Coventry, also met his end last season despite being a contender for status as a recurring villain. So, death can definitely have a lasting effect on The Order, and the show is not shy about doing some shocking things in that vein. Still, though, Alyssa is so interwoven into the mythos of the series that I cannot see her narrative being abandoned altogether.

The Order could be exploring a storyline where Jack, having to face another death that he cannot alter (à la Pops), embraces a darker outlook on life. However, Jack has faced so much death already, so why add another giant one onto the list unless the show will eventually see him succumb to some sort of villainy? There are perhaps a lot of possibilities, but not all of them make sense.

In related news, words cannot express how fantastically entertaining this panel was. The cast and creatives behind The Order seem to have a remarkable bond that was entertaining to see play out at Comic-Con@Home 2020. Hopefully, they will be back to talk about Season 3. Come on, Netflix!

The first two seasons of The Order are streaming on Netflix and will soon get joined by more 2020 premieres. While you wait to see if the supernatural drama gets renewed, check out this fall’s schedules to say distracted.

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