11 Spectacular Originals Arriving On Netflix In June 2020

Fuller House Netflix

June is when it really starts to feel like summer, and when network TV in general tends to cool down from the hot finale season. This will be especially true in 2020 due to the wave of productions that were forced to shut down, but while network television and cable may struggle to bring some hits in the offseason, Netflix will deliver.

As is often the case with Netflix, there are more than a couple high-profile originals arriving on the platform in June. Unfortunately, it's the final season for a couple of them, though there are some newcomers on this list that could very well become the next major hits of the platform. Let's dive in, and hope all these 11 originals arriving in June are as great as they sound.

Fuller House Netflix

Fuller House (Final Season) - 6/2

Fuller House will finally end this month on Netflix, and it's planning to go out with a bang. Expect to see weddings, lots of callbacks to the past, and likely just about everything short of a cameo from one of the Olsen twins. For those that have stuck with the revival since the beginning, this will be a great show to start off the month, or a great show to binge for those that missed out and need something new to run through.

13 Reasons Why Netflix

13 Reasons Why (Final Season) - 6/5

13 Reasons Why will premiere its final season in early June, bringing one of Netflix's most controversial series to a close. Season 4 will actually only have 10 episodes this time around, as opposed to the standard 13 from prior seasons. The good news is showrunner Brian Yorkey believed it better served the story to have fewer episodes, though fans will have to determine that for themselves as they watch this final chapter that promises devastating decisions by major characters and secrets that must be kept.

Queer Eye Netflix

Queer Eye (Season 5) - 6/5

The Fab Five are in Philadelphia this time around, and taking their sensible styles and radical transformation powers to the East Coast. Those who have been watching know the drill by this point, and those who don't should be warned nearly every episode tends to be a tearjerker. Plus, is there a better time to be watching a show about tips for self-betterment as we slowly but surely inch closer to stepping out of our homes?

Reality Z Netflix

Reality Z - 6/7

In a series that seems strangely prophetic, contestants of a Brazilian reality show are shut out from the rest of the world during a zombie apocalypse. The group must fight for their lives and evade the zombies in their TV studio, which sounds like a corny but entertaining riot. It also sounds like a surprisingly plausible scenario, as far as zombie apocalypses go, considering Big Brother seasons around the world took a while to tell their casts about COVID-19.

Dating Around Netflix

Dating Around (Season 2) - 6/12

For those still hankering for a Love Is Blind fix, Netflix has another season of Dating Around on the way. Six singles are looking for love in New Orleans and will go on back-to-back blind dates in an effort to find it. It's not quite as "blind" as Love Is Blind, but it is entertaining for those who enjoy a good dating show.

F Is For Family Netflix

F Is For Family (Season 4) - 6/12

The animated series based on the life of stand-up comedian (and occasional Star Wars actor) Bill Burr will return, with more drama and hijinx. Frank will have to deal with a visit from his father, and Bill will make a name for himself at the hockey rink. F Is for Family is a great blast from the past for anyone who grew up in or appreciates the 70s, and one of the better animated comedies on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Netflix

Pokemon Journeys: The Series - 6/12

Netflix has nabbed the American streaming rights for Pokemon, which means the show's 23rd dubbed season of Pokemon Journeys: The Series will debut exclusively on the platform. Granted, it will only be the first 12 episodes, but expect new episodes from the rest of the season to be added on a quarterly basis. The only downside? Many of us must now wrestle with the bizarre fact that time has progressed in the franchise and Ash Ketchum hasn't aged a day.

Mr. Iglesias Netflix

Mr. Iglesias (Part 2) - 6/17

Gabriel Iglesias' wholesome sitcom is back, as Mr. Iglesias places the comedian as a teacher looking to better the lives of under-performing students. Those familiar with the comedian's stand up should know there's potential for some big laughs in these new episodes, and those that have seen Magic Mike know he can act as well.

The Order Netflix

The Order (Season 2) - 6/18

Just when it seemed like the world had reached its limit on supernatural dramas, The Order arrived on Netflix and showed we need at least one more. Season 2 arrives mid-June, and picks up at a time where tensions are high between magicians and werewolves. Luckily, a bigger force is on the horizon that may encourage them to set differences aside to handle, though you never can tell when dealing with magicians and werewolves.

Floor Is Lava Netflix

Floor Is Lava - 6/19

The game from our childhoods is finally being turned into a game show, and it looks awesome. Floor Is Lava will see contestants utilize objects to attempt to reach a goal, all whilst trying to avoid falling into the "lava" below. I don't think I've ever wanted to be on a game show more in my life, and wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a big hit for Netflix.

The Politician Netflix

The Politician (Season 2) - 6/19

After a whirlwind Season 1, Ryan Murphy's dramedy The Politician is back with what should be the next chapter in Payton Hobart's plan to become President of the United States. Of course, Season 2 may show him shaking off some rust as it was clear from last season Payton thought his dream was dead following a disastrous high school incident. Hopefully his friends will rise to the challenge and get Payton back to the leader they know he can be.

Be sure to catch all these shows throughout the month of June on Netflix. As always, CinemaBlend is the place to be for news on all the hottest shows and movies on the horizon, as well as the latest news updates.

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