Why Stargirl's Brec Bassinger Cried A Lot Watching The Season 1 Finale

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Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet seen Stargirl's penultimate installment, "Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E Part One."

Much as I'd love to believe this isn't the case, Stargirl has just one episode left to go in its equally intense and heartwarming first season, and it's geared up to be quite a massive finale for Courtney, her family, and everyone in the modern-day JSA and ISA iterations. With Brainwave seemingly taking full control over the minds of Pat and many others in Blue Valley, viewers can expect an emotional final episode that has already made star Brec Bassinger cry several times while watching it.

But even though Stargirl has dished out a variety of deaths big and small throughout Season 1, it doesn't sound like the finale's big tearjerker moment will be overtly depressing in its nature. Here's how Brec Bassinger put it when talking to TVLine:

I cried. I’ve watched the finale a couple of times, and every single time I cried. The last scene is so beautiful. It wrapped the season up so perfectly.

I'm not necessarily a master of context, but I'd gather that "so beautiful" and "so perfectly" would not be applied here if Season 1's final moments were of Courtney and Pat standing around Barbara and Mike's frozen corpses. Or some kind of cliffhanger where Solomon Grundy is about to shove Stargirl into a wood chipper, Fargo-style. We do know there's going to be some huge action scenes and at least one major fight, but judging from Brec Bassinger's comments, I can only imagine that the finale will end on a more celebratory note for the Justice Society.

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Which isn't to say that dark and tragic things won't happen before those final moments, of course. Brec Bassinger also revealed that the villainous Cindy will finally be released from her cell, so we can probably expect to see a Shiv vs. Stargirl battle. Other than that, though, not a whole lot is known about what exactly fans can expect to see for the show's final outing before Season 2 goes into production.

Assuming Stargirl continues to impress fans and network execs during its Season 2 run, fans can probably expect to see the superhero series airing for quite a few more years. When CinemaBlend spoke with Brec Bassinger earlier this year, she told us that show and comic book creator Geoff Johns already has extended plans for where the show could go in the future.

Oh my gosh! The first time I like sat down with Geoff and he kind of gave me the look of the whole first season, he literally ended the conversation with, 'This is my idea for the second season. I have a really strong idea for the third season. Fourth season, I'm still figuring out, but I think I have something that's amazing.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, Geoff Johns, we haven't even broke the first episode. Like, calm down.' I think that's another really cool thing about the JSA specifically. These comics have been around for decades, so I feel like there's never a lack of story.

Be sure to tune into the Stargirl finale and keep the conversation going until Season 2 gets to The CW (with DC Universe no longer serving as the show's co-home after Season 1). And for those who want to know what to watch in the meantime, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule.

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