Why Stargirl's Cindy Is In More Trouble Than It Seems, According To The Actress

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Stargirl Season 1 episode "Shiv Part Two." Read at your own risk!

Shiv and Stargirl went for round two at the end of "Shiv Part Two," and unfortunately for both Cindy and Courtney, the battle didn't go that well for either. Courtney may have been toast if it wasn't for a brain blast from Henry Jr. and a late-battle intervention from the Dragon King's drones.

Cindy mainly seemed aggravated and angry she couldn't finish the fight as she was dragged into the tunnels by the drones, but it's much deeper than that. Actress Meg DeLacy teased to CBR that Cindy is also scared and that fans should also be worried for her as she gets taken to face her father in the next Stargirl episode, called "Brainwave."

Oh, super worried. Super, super worried. I mean, obviously, we know that she's gonna be going down to the tunnels or wherever her dad is watching that television -- that monitor, security camera or whatever. She's scared for her life. She might be a little annoyed. She's like, 'Are you kidding?! I was about to kill her!' But this is the first time she's been caught doing something that she knows she's not allowed to do in any way, and so she's about to get it. [laughs] She's horrified, and my dad is very angry. So yeah, good luck!

Sounds like Cindy is in for a rather rough punishment, but what else should she expect when her father is the Dragon King? One doesn't get to be involved with the Injustice Society by letting people just break direct orders without repercussions, so it only tracks he'd drive that message home and show the ISA that no one escapes his wrath by bringing down the hammer on his daughter when she deliberately disobeyed him.

Meg DeLacy didn't have any clues as to what her father may have planned, though this episode did feature the villain threatening to remove his mask. I'm sure Cindy doesn't want to see her dad's reptilian face, but there has to be something more than that to make the whole experience a little frightening. Maybe he can flick his tongue at her or something like that? I guess Stargirl (which recently scored a Season 2 renewal) will reveal that answer in "Brainwave."

While Cindy's second duel with Courtney didn't further expose the ISA, it will likely be another event that Dragon King will have to explain to cohorts. He was obviously miffed that he had to do that the first time, which was why he was being verbally cruel to Cindy. In fairness though, Dragon King kind of brought it on himself, saying the first act may have denied Cindy a seat at the table. He had to figure she would've tried to redeem herself after that!

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