Arrow's Stephen Amell Shares First Look At His New TV Show

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Having been one of the predominant forces involved with turning one CW superhero series into an entire comic book universe, Stephen Amell temporarily stopped being a primetime TV staple whenever Arrow wrapped up its eight-season run back in January. Fans have obviously been eagerly awaiting his next move (presumably a suplex) via the upcoming Starz drama Heels, which sadly had its production postponed along with everything else. But it looks like that delay has been reversed, with Amell sharing a very first look at what we can assume is the show's set.

Stephen Amell took to social media to give fans a sneak peek at Heels, and although it isn't a super-sweaty shot of him in a speedo – just as a for instance – it's still exciting to know that the production process is starting to move forward. Check out his context-free post below!

Unless Stephen Amell adds a follow-up post that offers a different explanation, fans can probably assume that the above pic features a legitimate Heels set prop, as opposed to a behind-the-scenes decoration. For his new show, Amell will be playing one of two brothers at the center of a family-owned wrestling promotion in a small Georgia community. The family patriarch was something of a legend in the business, and Amell's character will be going head-to-head with his sibling (played by Vikings' Alexander Ludwig) to determine who's most suitable to carry on the legacy.

Interestingly enough, "Heels" is also the name of the community gym, where it's presumed Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig's characters get their training on. (For those who aren't into wrestling, heels are the villainous characters, while babyfaces are the good guys, so to speak.) It's quite possible that the design seen on this poster will be the show's official logo once the promotional campaign kicks into high gear, which would be logical enough, since it bears a general similarity to pro wrestling championship belts.

While there are still a lot of details that need to be revealed about Heels as far as its central plot and characters go, it seems like fans might get to learn more information in the near future now that the production process is beginning in earnest. We do know that Heels is filming in and around the Atlanta area, not only because of the show's Georgia setting, but because Stephen Amell himself made that public knowledge in another tweet of his.

Stephen Amell tweeted earlier this year that he was bulking up to take on the wrestling-heavy role for Heels. He'd reportedly gained over 20 pounds through the winter, only to have the pandemic shut everything down. (Too bad everyone can't blame the weight gained during quarantine on "bulking up for a new Starz show.")

Luckily, Stephen Amell has had some experience in the world of pro wrestling that have likely helped him to sort proper training and workout regimens to keep him locked and loaded while waiting to get in front of the camera again. (I bet he'd like to have drop-kicked the hell out of a certain someone.) And speaking of the camera...

Currently, there are no definitive plans for when fans will be able to peep out Heels on FX, but be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates. And in the meantime, head to our 2020 Fall TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way soon.

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