Oh Brother: See Arrow's Stephen Amell And Vikings' Alexander Ludwig Bonding For New TV Show Heels

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Well, this is a good sign! Arrow’s Stephen Amell and Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig are in full-blown bonding mode. The actors are set to play brothers in the upcoming Starz drama Heels. It centers on two brothers deeply embroiled in the world of pro wrestling. Amell signed on for the show ahead of Arrow’s series finale.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig have taken to social media to chronicle their bonding. Interestingly, both actors are coming off of long-term series ahead of doing Heels. Amell with Arrow and Ludwig with Vikings, which has yet to air its series finale. Was that part of what made them bond so quickly? Maybe.

The actors are certainly doing their part to make their chemistry as brothers as authentic as possible. Not getting along would definitely be a setback. Of course, they are both skilled actors, so they could probably make either scenario work. In Heels, they will play brothers that have some tension in their lives. More on that in a minute, first this Instagram picture:

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Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig shared the same image from their dinner on social media. The one above is from Amell’s Instagram, which featured a beyond charming emoji caption. Ludwig’s caption said, “Uhoh,” with two people wrestling emoji. He looks a lot happier hanging out with Amell than he has had to look playing Bjorn on Vikings. Tragedy and brotherly feuds will do that to a guy!

Back to Heels. The Starz drama will feature Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig playing two brothers with a lot going on. Following their father’s death, they take over the family’s wrestling promotion. Amell will play Jack, who plays the “heel,” aka the villain in the ring. Ludwig will play the “ace,” aka the more heroic figure.

The out-of-the-ring dynamic between the brothers on Heels has so far read as troubled. Clearly, Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig’s dynamic is anything but. A good sign for the behind-the-scenes development of Heels. Fans excited for the series’ launch will be thrilled to know that they have eight hour-long episodes to look forward to.

It is going to be a physically intense series for both actors. Stephen Amell has already confirmed that he will be wearing a speedo for Heels. Since he is playing a wrestler, their barely-there attire is part of the action, so do not overthink it. Come to think of it, considering that Alexander Ludwig is also playing a wrestler, he will probably have to wear one too.

The things that actors do for their art! It never ceases to amaze. The good news is that Stephen Amell seems to be starting a great friendship with Alexander Ludwig. A not entirely surprising development when thinking about his close bond with The Flash’s Grant Gustin and Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki. “Good friends are hard to find,” but Amell seems to be managing it.

Heels does not have a premiere date yet on Starz. While you wait for the wrestling drama to get one, stay entertained with this winter and spring’s premieres. You can watch Stephen Amell in Arrow on Netflix. It is streaming along with new 2020 content.

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