Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto In Week 4, And Will It Be Used?

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Warning! The following contains footage from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Sunday, August 30. Read at your own risk!

Enzo Palumbo's Head Of Household has been about what audiences had expected from a member of the majority alliance, though it's possible Big Brother All-Stars may deliver its first unexpected eviction from the season. Enzo had his nominations set with a contingency plan should one of them come down off the block, and it's looking like he may have to consider using it.

Kaysar Ridha and Kevin Campbell are up on the block, but will things stay that way in the coming days? Here's who won the veto, and what it may mean for Thursday's upcoming eviction.

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And The Winner Is...

For the first time in Season 22, a nominee for eviction has snagged the veto. In what was said to be a heated competition, Kevin Campbell clutched it out and managed to score the Power of Veto to pull himself from the block. This win had to feel good for Kevin, who almost took himself down from the block in Week 1 but was just a half-second short of winning the veto.

Kevin Campbell went up on the block as a pawn to get Kaysar Ridha sent home this Thursday, so there is a scenario in which he may keep nominations the same. Still, the only thing worse than a player having no chance to keep themselves from being sent home is one that had a chance to save themselves and didn't, so the odds of Kevin taking himself off the block seem relatively high.

Kevin Campbell Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kevin's Distrust Of The House

Kevin Campbell can be told he's not the target every hour on the hour until Thursday night, but in no way would I expect him to believe it. He should because the majority alliance actually is more concerned about sending Kaysar Ridha home, but Kevin also may sense he's not on the block because he's a target because no one in Big Brother All-Stars would ever dream of sending him home.

With Kaysar making deals and the "other side" of the house drastically thinning in number, it's better for Kevin to be off the block before some wild turn of events gets him sent home. Kevin's not going to gain anything keeping nominations the same for Enzo Palumbo and the majority alliance and, even if they promised him the moon, it just doesn't seem like Kevin's the type of guy to trust in anything but his own game at the moment. Essentially, he's going to use that veto, which puts the ball firmly back in Enzo's court to make an interesting decision.

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Will Enzo Play It Safe Or Make A Big Move?

Should Kevin Campbell pull himself off the block, Enzo Palumbo has to put a replacement nominee on the block. This is not an easy thing for Enzo, who now will have to "get blood on his hands" having one nominee safe from eviction and another one who won't be going home after this week still in the house. Enzo could mitigate the damage by finding a willing pawn to go up for him, but good luck finding anyone currently wanting to take that risk willingly.

Enzo had previously discussed "backdooring" someone had Kaysar Ridha won the veto, in order to ensure at least one big player goes home this week. Ian Terry and Dani Briones' names were teased quite a bit but, with Kaysar still up on the block, there's that chance that the vote will be closer than planned. Enzo should have no trouble getting Kaysar out provided he nominate someone the house feels needs to leave more, especially if he makes it clear which person he wants to go.

Unfortunately, Kevin Campbell was the safest option for Enzo Palumbo. David Alexander could actually get some votes for eviction given how he's burned some people's games last week, and coming after Bayleigh Dayton and Da'Vonne Rogers would give Enzo an unnecessary target on his back. Nicole Franzel did mention the possibility of putting Ian Terry on the block as a pawn provided he had assurances that were the case, and it's possible he wouldn't take that move personally. Ian's more or less still a floater in the game minus his connection with Nicole, so the risk of people outside the majority alliance voting for his eviction seems relatively low. It's not an option as great as Kevin, but it is about as ideal as this situation gets.

Kevin Campbell CBS Big Brother All-Stars

Will Kevin Campbell Use The Power Of Veto?

I would be shocked if Kevin Campbell doesn't take himself off the block, though he does seem to be worried about who would go up in his place. As mentioned, the majority alliance has really taken over this week, and with so few players left outside the alliance to form a majority vote to fight back, these guys need to start talking through protection. If Enzo Palumbo is really just wanting Kaysar Ridha home, why tempt anyone in the house with another option?

As I mentioned earlier though, the player who has the option to pull themselves down from the block and doesn't will be haunted forever when they ultimately get sent home that week. Kevin may understand the need for some other alliance to form ahead of the inevitable division of the majority alliance, but he's not about to stick his neck out for a cause if he's potentially being sent home. I can't say that I blame him when so many others have already paid the price on Big Brother All-Stars for going to bat for a houseguest. Get off the block, Kevin, and pray your luck increases with a favorable HOH win next week!

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