Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Nominated And Who Is The Target In Week 4?

Enzo Palumbo Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Friday, August 28. Read at your own risk!

Enzo Palumbo took control of the Big Brother All-Stars house in Week 4, and while "The Meow Meow" wasn't the most exciting choice for a Head of Household due to his being part of the majority alliance, there's still a chance for him to shake up the house. Enzo is on relatively good standing with almost everyone in the Big Brother house, and it stands to reason he'd like to stay that way when his week is up.

So who does a player who is in the majority alliance but still off the radar of most other houseguests put up on the block? Here's who Enzo put up, what his plan is, and how this week will probably shake out.

Kaysar Ridha Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kaysar Ridha

With Janelle Pierzina out of the house, Kaysar Ridha knew he would be easy pickings in the house for the next Head of Household. It's by far the most predictable nomination of the season because taking a shot at Kaysar is what is expected for a Head of Household looking to keep blood off their hands.

Really, this is nothing personal on Enzo Palumbo's part, even if he did try to vote Kaysar out in the previous eviction. Kaysar's elimination is what the majority alliance wants, and with Enzo firmly in their camp, it's in his best interest not to make waves. Enzo may even think there are more reasons to keep Kaysar rolling this week than evict him, but he's not going to push that agenda unless he absolutely has to.

Kevin Campbell Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kevin Campbell

In a slight act of defiance, Enzo Palumbo threw Kevin Campbell up on the block. This went against a bulk of the majority alliance's wish to throw David Alexander on the block, mostly because he "blew up" Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore's game to Da'Vonne Rogers. It's actually a bit surprising considering Enzo has talked about nominating David himself in past weeks, but apparently he felt the need to throw Kevin up instead.

Kevin Campbell is far from a controversial nomination, however, because he's pretty clearly been trying to flip the vote on the majority alliance's targets for the past couple weeks. David Alexander has not been doing that, which may have ultimately saved him being thrown on the block. Kevin is another person in the house kind of on his own at the moment as well, so nominating him is not going to make too many people angry.

Enzo Palumbo Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Actual Target?

Kevin Campbell is going to have to trust Enzo Palumbo this week, and he should because he's a pawn to get Kaysar Ridha out of the house. Kaysar is certainly seen as the more formidable player of the two, and it's going to be hard for anyone to believe Kevin is a bigger threat than Kaysar. Putting up someone like David Alexander might make for a vote where Kaysar stays, so Kevin makes this more of a sure thing.

In the case that Kaysar Ridha pulls himself off the block by winning the veto, Enzo Palumbo has toyed with the idea of backdooring Ian Terry. Ian is a former winner and the elimination would strengthen Enzo's bond with Memphis Garrett (who wanted to get Ian out), and weaken the number of people protecting Nicole Franzel. With the guys of the majority alliance ultimately hoping to take down the women of their alliance within the next 2-3 weeks, losing Ian would be a big blow to Nicole's game and potentially make her an easy target for someone else the following week.

No word on what will happen if Kevin Campbell wins veto, but I would imagine Enzo would then probably throw David Alexander up as another pawn rather than throw up Ian and guarantee he has one powerful rival left in the house after eviction. Enzo already made a good move in casting a "hinky" vote and then questioning the house about who did it, so I have to think he's really calculating this week as Head of Household as best he can.

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