Jason Momoa Has Witcher Fans Thinking Those Prequel Casting Rumors Are Real

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The Henry Cavill-led fantasy drama The Witcher became a big hit for Netflix when it was released late last year, so it's no surprise that Season 2 is going to be even bigger and probably less confusing. But, along with that, fans are also going to be given even more to watch in the world of The Witcher, with an anime movie spinoff on the way, along with a live-action prequel, which will be a limited series and is titled The Witcher: Blood Origin. Right now, we know what this new show will be about, while casting is still unknown, but Jason Momoa is making fans think the rumors that he might star in the series are real.

Jason Momoa is now best known for his work as Aquaman in the big screen DC universe, but the star has also made a name for himself in a wide variety of projects as, well, a wide variety of tough guys. He famously brought Khal Drogo to life on Game of Thrones, re-imagined Conan the Barbarian almost a decade ago, and has played sword or other weapon-wielding men in shows like See, The Red Road, and Frontier. But, with rumors swirling that Momoa might be cast in The Witcher: Blood Origin, might a recent post of some fan art on Instagram mean that this dream casting could actually come to fruition? Take a look, below, and we can discuss after!

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Ooooh. First of all, impressive fan art. Second of all: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! It's always possible that Jason Momoa just really liked the artwork and wanted to give a shoutout to his DC superhero brother, but we fans like to hold on to any little crumbs of potential info that we get, so it's pretty easy to see why people would be running away with the speculation after seeing this post.

Rumors of Jason Momoa being cast (or at least discussing the possibility of being cast) in Blood Origin began shortly after word spread that the new series had likely already begun looking for actors to bring the story, which is set 1200 years before that of The Witcher, to life, thanks to a Twitter post from the casting director of the parent show. A big part of the series will be telling "the forgotten history of the very first Witcher," and many fans believe that Momoa might be the man for the job.

So, is Jason Momoa being a little bit naughty and just trying to stir up trouble, or is there something more to this fan art post? He's been a big part of enough fandoms for enough years that he must have heard the rumors, and would surely know that if he added this post to his feed it would get people talking. Maybe he actually hasn't been approached by Netflix for the part of the original Witcher yet, and this is his way of confirming that he'd be into the idea of taking the gig. But, also, he really could be confirming that he's in talks or has really been cast.

OK, fine. It's a toss up right now as to whether or not Jason Momoa's post means we're going to get to see him in The Witcher: Blood Origin, but at least it's given us something to ponder as we wait for Season 2 of The Witcher to finish filming and get into our eyeballs. It'll be quite a while yet before Blood Origin is ready for its debut, but there's sure to be more news in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest!

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