The Witcher's Henry Cavill Looks Filthy And Kinda Miserable As Season 2 Gets Back To Filming

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After a very long (and obviously unexpected) break in production on Season 2, the hit Netflix fantasy series The Witcher (which is now set to get a live action prequel) is finally back up and running, as of a couple of weeks ago. The cast and set have been as protected against a certain virus as possible, socially distant practices have been put in place and filming is underway. Unfortunately, it looks like star Henry Cavill is now dealing with being kinda miserable and just filthy enough to need several of Geralt's infamous baths now that he's back in character.

Henry Cavill seemed to have some fun during his unplanned downtime earlier this year after filming on The Witcher got shutdown. He prepared a wide variety of foodstuffs, did (I'm assuming) an awesome job paining teeny tiny figurines, and even set the internet ablaze with thirst while constructing a new gaming PC for himself. But, now that he's back on set, it seems like Cavill has certainly seen some better days. Take a look at the photo he posted to Instagram!

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Wow. I mean, that grimace is just priceless, isn't it? I have to say, even though that very negative expression goes all the way to his eyes, Henry Cavill doesn't look like he's in real pain, just enough discomfort to warrant a sour puss as these ladies take off his pre-Geralt wig apparatus. Also, he looks like he's in that stage of gentle pain where it's so uncomfortable that he might actually laugh in order to stop a tear or two from rolling down his face and streaking all the (possibly not so artfully applied) dirt covering him, so something tells me that that was what came after he took this shot.

I don't know anything about professional fantasy TV show wig removal, but it's pretty clear from the photo and Cavill's caption that it's not any kind of a joy to experience. He noted that there were pounds of medical tape covering his hair, but the situation doesn't look that cumbersome to me. Maybe that's because of all the glue that must be used to keep that bad boy on while he's fighting, running, getting horizontal with Yenn and taking the aforementioned occasional steamy bath. Of course, this also means that the underside of said tape is also covered with copious amounts of glue, and therein lies Cavill's motionless struggle.

While I'm sure Jacqui and Ailbhe, whom he praised for being very good at said wig removal, are trying really hard not to rip any of those waves out of his head, you can also tell that these ladies are not fucking around, so I'm guessing it won't take too long for them to extricate Cavill from this setup with his hair intact.

Henry Cavill also mentioned that fans shouldn't be worried about the fact that no one in the photo is masked, seeing as how they're in the same production bubble and get tested twice every week "up here in Kaer Morhen." We've seen that the production is following all the guidelines for safe filming, but what really interests me is that shoutout to Kaer Morhen, the old keep where some of the Witchers were trained. It's also where Vesemir has been known to live, so maybe this means that the series is already filming scenes with Kim Bodnia's new character, who's a father figure to Geralt.

Hopefully, we'll be able to see for ourselves before a full year passes, but right now Season 2 of The Witcher doesn't have a premiere date. You can, however, still peep Henry Cavill and his dope white wig doin' the damn thing in Season 1 on Netflix. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates on the series and to see what you can watch on the small screen this fall!

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