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Vikings’ Travis Fimmel Was Ready To Quit TV After The Show, Here's Why He's Back

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel History

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel History

(Image credit: Bernard Walsh / History)

Travis Fimmel was no stranger to television when he booked his high-profile role as Ragnar Lothbrok on History’s Vikings. After four seasons on the historical drama, Fimmel’s time as Ragnar came to an end, closing the door on an indelible character. Fimmel was ready to quit TV after this, so why is he back?

Since leaving Vikings, Travis Fimmel has kept one foot in the television realm. He lined up a new show shortly after leaving Vikings, before taking on his first significant follow-up role for Ridley Scott’s sci-fi drama, Raised by Wolves. Fimmel explained what it was about the project that drew him back to TV, telling Rotten Tomatoes:

I thought I’d never do (a TV series) again. I wasn’t interested. But Ridley… it’s all Ridley Scott. I never even read the script when I said yes. I just wanted to work with Ridley.

It seems it was the chance to work with Ridley Scott that made Travis Fimmel eager to star in Raised by Wolves. When you consider Scott’s towering track record, Fimmel’s reasoning makes sense. Scott has directed iconic films, including Vikings-adjacent Gladiator and sci-fi staple Alien. So one can see why it was an easy decision for Fimmel to return to the medium.

Raised by Wolves recently arrived on HBO Max, and the trailer has teased some intense sci-fi action and intrigue. For those who enjoy Vikings and are wary of embarking on a futuristic science fiction drama, Fimmel has shared how he thinks the two shows are similar. For him, the main similarity is the fact that people in both shows are at odds with one another.

Whatever the similarities between the two TV shows, fans ultimately have Ridley Scott to thank for luring Travis Fimmel back to television. Since leaving Vikings, Fimmel has also starred in the Quibi show 50 States of Fright opposite The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan. This experience allowed him to team up with another industry legend in Sam Raimi, who spoke highly of Fimmel and Brosnahan.

In terms of his Vikings experience, Fimmel recently revealed that he didn't have a hard time leaving the show, and he wasn't the only one who was ready for his character to be retired. Vikings’ creator also felt like Ragnar’s story had gotten told to completion, which is why he does not really miss writing for the character. Since Fimmel left Vikings, the show has progressed by focusing on the tale of Ragnar’s sons.

Two seasons after Travis Fimmel’s exit, Vikings is set to come to an end with the second half of its sixth season, and it already looks like it is going to be a wild one. As a fan of the show, I am, of course, still hoping that Fimmel will put in one final appearance on the show before the last curtain call. We shall see!

Raised by Wolves' first three episodes are currently streaming on HBO Max. As for Travis Fimmel’s old show, Vikings, fans are hoping that the second half of its sixth and final season will make it to History as one this fall’s premieres, so stay tuned.

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