Vikings Reveals Bjorn’s Fate In Final Season Sneak Peek, And Uh-Oh

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Vikings spoilers for Bjorn’s fate in the Season 6B premiere are below.

Vikings is on its way back after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger left viewers to worry and wonder about the future of Bjorn Ironside. Well, you can continue to worry about him, but wait no more for answers. Comic-Con@Home has released a sneak peek from the final season premiere, and it reveals if Bjorn is dead or alive.

When Vikings left off with Bjorn, he had been run through by an opponent during the battle between him and one of King Harald’s forces against Prince Oleg of Rus. It seemed like Bjorn would join his parents, Ragnar and Lagertha, in Valhalla before too long. Is everything the way it seemed? Take a peek at the final season premiere from Vikings’ Comic-Con@Home below:

After you can take a deep breath, Vikings fans, it is time to begin speculating about everything you just witnessed. Bjorn is alive! Yes, Lagertha and Ragnar's son has somehow survived the seemingly mortal wound he received in the first half of the final season’s finale. To be fair, Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst had hinted that Bjorn may not be dead – yet.

The emphasis has to be on "yet" because Michael Hirst had said some ominous things about Bjorn’s fate on Vikings. The key is that Hirst indicated that Episode 11 (which is where the sneak peek from above comes from) is where Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) will blow the doors off the place. My guess is that Bjorn will come down and challenge Prince Oleg in a one-on-one battle.

His mother also chose to undertake an intimate face-off before she met her end on Vikings. For their part, Ivar and Hvitserk both appear shocked to see Bjorn. I detest Hvitserk, so I would prefer if Bjorn went out taking Hvitserk with him. It would make sense for Vikings to have things play out that way.

Bjorn showed him mercy despite Hvitserk killing his mom and later not showing remorse for it. It would fit for Bjorn to try to right one of the wrong decisions he made before he goes to Valhalla. Getting justice for letting Hvitserk escape is one of the wrongs that he still has time to fix.

Not to mention, why would Prince Oleg want to square off with Bjorn right after claiming victory? Prince Oleg is arrogant (and deranged), so he might welcome the challenge. That said, Bjorn’s ascent down the hill, considering his injuries, carries with it an almost supernatural bent. Oleg is not superstitious, so he may not read anything into it.

Ivar and Hvitserk, on the other hand, might be wary of fighting Bjorn under the circumstances. Will Ivar and Hvitserk refuse to fight Bjorn, but Oleg foolheartedly accepts the challenge? I could see a scenario where Bjorn defeats Oleg to prevent him from taking over Scandinavia, only to die as well. Time will tell what happens.

Watch Vikings’ Comic-Con@Home panel for more great info. A premiere date for the last half of the final season has not been revealed yet. Vikings is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Here is to hoping that Season 6B is among this fall’s premieres to air on History.

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