That '70s Show Fans Have A Lot Of Thoughts After Netflix Removes The Series From Its Library

The cast of That '70s Show

Netflix is home to a number of great sitcoms, and many viewers are particularly fond of classics from the ‘90s and early 2000s. One of the comedies that’s been a particularly popular part of Netflix’s catalogue is That ‘70s Show, the long-running Fox sitcom that centered on teenage Eric Forman and his circle of friends. Unfortunately, fans who are still hoping to binge the show seem to be out of luck, as Netflix has officially dropped it. While this was previously reported to be a possibility, the move is still a massive blow for hardcore fans. And they’re making their feelings known through social media.

Upon learning of That ‘70s Show’s removal from Netflix, many have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment, and most are using scenes from the show to make themselves heard. One user summed up their feelings with one of Eric Forman’s lowest moments:

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Given its popularity, the show’s removal likely does hit as hard Eric and Donna’s breakup. Meanwhile, fans are also channeling their frustrations through other characters like Eric’s mother, Kitty. And one fan used one of Kitty’s go-to comforts to illustrate her feelings:

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The characters of That ‘70s Show definitely help to convey a wide range of emotions, and this is especially true of Ashton Kutcher’s Michael Kelso:

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But not all of the fans are using gifs or memes to express themselves. Some are reflecting on when they discovered the show was gone. One fan even managed to capture the very moment it was taken off the streamer:

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Of course, there’s one obvious question that needs to be answered now that That ‘70s Show is no longer on Netflix, and one fan is already asking it:

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When it was originally revealed that the show would be leaving Netflix, it was reported that Carsey-Werner Television, which owns the series, was fielding streaming offers from “at least 4” different companies. At this point in time, fans can purchase episodes of the show on Amazon Prime Video for $2.99 a pop, or they can stream all eight seasons with a YouTube TV subscription.

That ‘70s Show may have ended over a decade ago, but the hype for the sitcom doesn’t seem to have slowed down at all. Many would love to see the original cast return for a reunion, but the actors have been busy with new projects since wrapping on the show. That still hasn't stopped them from reuniting with each other to work on other projects, though.

Although there’s currently no telling where That ‘70s Show will land, one would imagine that it won’t take long for it to find a new streaming home. Fans will likely be more than anxious until the gang from Point Place, Wisconsin is on our screens and again, and the same goes for a potential reunion special.

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