That '70s Show May Be Leaving Netflix Soon

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As more and more major networks and corporations get into streaming, Netflix's content continues to take a hit. The streamer has lost some of the most popular shows in its library in recent years, and while it has spent a ton of money to bring new and engaging shows to subscribers, some people just want to binge The Office and Friends. Now it stands to lose yet another high profile series in its library that will soon be available for competitors to purchase: That '70s Show.

The former Fox comedy series is owned by Carsey-Werner Television, who said it is courting offers from "at least 4" different buyers who hope to nab exclusive streaming rights to That '70s Show through the end of next year. Other competitors hoping to nab the rights were not mentioned, though the L.A. Times noted that Netflix is in the running to secure the rights yet again. Netflix has been the exclusive home of the Topher Grace-led comedy since 2011.

No price is floating around for what That '70s Show will cost the winning streaming service, though recent prices on other popular legacy programs have been high. Netflix paid $500 million for a 5-year exclusive streaming deal for Seinfeld, and paid $100 million to keep Friends on the platform through 2019. Netflix is not afraid to drop some cash on classic content, so it wouldn't be surprising if it did so to keep That '70s Show.

Netflix is willing to spend a lot on classic shows, but it needs to be said that it's spending way more on original content. Original content that, in an ideal scenario, would eventually allow Netflix to break free of its reliance on shows owned by other studios, and allow it to save more money long term by making its original shows its primary content.

Netflix has released a steady stream of hit shows over the years, and while classic pre-Netflix content may have been the reason people initially signed up for the service, there are other shows that can now keep them around. Given that, it's possible that if negotiations for a price get too high, Netflix may just walk away and let one of its competitors have it. After all, it's not like Disney+ is going to take a show that features teens getting high in a basement.

That '70s Show is not the only show going up for sale at Carsey-Werner Television. Roseanne, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and Cybill are also on or soon to be on the block for a streaming service to snag. Bottom line, a lot of shows currently on one service could be flip flopping homes in the near future as the need for content on streaming services continues to skyrocket.

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For now, That '70s Show is up and available to stream on Netflix. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television and movies.

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