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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trailer Reveals Big Troubles For The Federation, And Yes There Are Explosions

Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

After a short delay, Star Trek: Discovery is finally giving viewers a big follow-up to Season 2's big cliffhanger with the first official Season 3 trailer. Unfortunately for the Discovery crew, the future they jumped to is not a bright and cheery place where everyone's problems are gone and conflict is nonexistent. In fact, the fate of the Federation is in some big trouble, but on the bright side, there are plenty of big explosions for fans to look forward to!

The Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 trailer kicks off presumably not long after Season 2 ended, with the Discovery completing its time jump putting them centuries into the future. Check out the trailer, which features new characters, the tease of a huge event, and the aforementioned explosions.

"The Burn" will certainly be a big issue on fans and characters' minds going into Season 3, as Michael Burnham and the rest of the crew will learn about the mysterious event that led to the collapse of much of the Federation. Presumably, I'm assuming the Starfleet crew will want to do whatever it can to re-establish that bond between planets that helped maintain relative peace in the Star Trek galaxy for so long. I'm not, however, assuming any miracles will occur that re-establish everything overnight, though Burnham does have a pretty impressive track record for solving major disputes.

star trek discovery book season 3 trailer

The trailer also gives us a good look at Cleveland "Book" Booker and other previously teased characters, though we don't get a ton of information on what they're going to do and where they come into the story. Book looks to be someone that Michael met after being separated from the Discovery crew, and while I don't want to jump to conclusions, he could potentially be another chance at romance. We all know she's on the rebound after Ash Tyler realized he was also Voq, so it would be nice to see her get back in the saddle and search for love again, whether it be with Book or another character.

As for other noteworthy events, it does appear in multiple shots that Michael will find her way back with the rest of the Discovery crew, thankfully. As well, viewers can probably anticipate some adventures with characters like Saru and Tilly, where Michael isn't such a focal point. That has happened before in Star Trek: Discovery so it's not entirely surprising to see, but given those characters are also a substantial part of the fun of the show, it's awesome to see they'll still get a fair amount of attention.

One thing I did notice is that this trailer is fairly light on Mirror Georgiou, who is only seen fighting in a short sequence. Michelle Yeoh has spoken a bit about Georgiou's role in Season 3, but the fact we see so little makes me wonder if she won't find a way back to the past on her own. After all, she is still set to lead the Section 31 spinoff, and if the Federation collapsed, wouldn't she need to return to the past somehow to do that? So many questions, but luckily, there isn't that much more time to wait until answers are here.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 premieres on CBS All Access on Thursday, October 15. As always, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the world of Star Trek, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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