Star Trek: Discovery: 6 New Things We're Excited About In Season 3

Michael Burnham Shocked Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

After its first two seasons, Star Trek: Discovery is headed to an era where the franchise has never gone before. That line is so played out at this point it isn't even funny, but it is truly exciting that the first of the new Star Trek shows is going to an era where it can grow into its own and build on some incredible stuff it has done so far.

It's been a minute since we've last seen new episodes of the show, so it's understandable if fans may have forgotten why Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 could be the most exciting season yet. Here are some of the things I'm most excited about, and some of the interesting elements ahead the show may draw on for the upcoming season.

Saru Looking Noble Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Brave Saru

Saru was a bit of a worrisome and anxious commander in Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, but it wasn't really his fault. The Kelpians were tricked into submission due to the Ba'ul, a fact Saru didn't learn until he thought he was dying aboard the Discovery. It turned out he was merely losing his neck tendrils, which is a large source of what caused the Kelpian species' anxiety and fear. Armed with that new knowledge, Saru helped liberate his people and spent what remained of Season 2 with a completely different personality.

Kelpians are abnormally fast and strong for creatures of their size, but we never really saw Saru portray those skills with any real confidence. Imagine him on a mission in the field in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, sprinting out of harm's way and walloping enemies with relative ease. We're still not entirely sure how strong Kelpians are yet, though from what I've seen, they can knock a human around with little to no effort. I'm hoping to see Saru flex those muscles in Season 3, and see what becomes of the Kelpian species with those attributes well into the future.

Book and Michael Burnham With Weapons Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Burnham's New Love Interest?

Michael Burnham had found real love with Ash Tyler, but the complicated nature of him also being the Klingon Voq made it impossible for them to have an earnest relationship. Burnham struggled to get over that heartbreak, and some would argue she never really did despite her Vulcan upbringing forcing her to stay logical. The Discovery's jump to the future put as much distance as possible from Burnham and her old flame, but is it possible she'll be getting hot and heavy with someone else soon?

We can only wait and see, though what little we do know from the first trailer for the season is that Michael got separated from the Discovery for around a year, and has linked up with a new character named Cleveland "Book" Booker. I'm not going to assume to television characters of the opposite sex link up in a lonely time and magic suddenly happens, but everyone needs a rebound. Michael may find one in Book, or potentially find another unexpected companion before Season 3 is up! I'm hoping so at least, I just want Burnham to be happy.

Georgiou Looking Serious Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Georgiou's Next Move

Georgiou has had quite a ride in Star Trek: Discovery, going from the emperor of the parallel universe to posing as the dead former captain of Michael Burnham. Season 2 saw her get an offer to lead Starfleet's elite Section 31, but she ended up jumping with the Discovery crew into the distant future. It was quite a sacrifice considering how much she loves power, and I have to wonder if she regrets that decision.

I'm also just generally curious how CBS All Access will address the fact that Michelle Yeoh was named the star of the Section 31 spinoff. Clearly it seems like Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will show Georgiou finding a way back in time, or perhaps establishing Section 31 in the future? I don't doubt her ability to find a way to do either, though I do have to say I will miss potentially not seeing her as often on Star Trek: Discovery.

Stamets Consoling Culber Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The New Culber And Stamets

After Season 2 nearly ripped our hearts apart breaking them up, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will show what Stamets and Culber look like in their "new" relationship. Culber has changed a lot following his death and resurrection via the mycelial network, and as long as Stamets understood that, their relationship could continue to grow and build from there.

I was content just knowing the two wouldn't be splitting up in Season 2, but now that Season 3 is near, I have to wonder how exactly their relationship will change. To be quite honest, we didn't see a ton of their dynamic as a couple before his death, so maybe the new version of them won't be all that jarring to witness on screen? Both Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz have teased it will be worth watching though, so I feel like there must be something to expect from them coming up.

Michael Burnham aiming gun Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

The State Of The Galaxy

I really think Star Trek: Discovery has undersold just how awesome it is that the show has jumped to an era untouched by Star Trek television. This show is truly striking out into uncharted territory, and in a way where the landscape of the universe has changed drastically. Species we loved could be wiped out in this future, and it looks like there is a good chance that Starfleet is no longer the dominant force that it was.

It leaves the question of what happened and opens up a lot of territory for Star Trek in future stories. If Starfleet did collapse, what exactly led to that? Has the Synth apocalypse the Romulans foretold actually come to pass? That would be a real kick in the teeth to Picard if that were the case, but also the build towards some major crossover between all the current Star Trek shows. Of course, we've never heard any possibility of something like that happening, but in the age where shared universes are happening all over sci-fi, am I really supposed to believe Alex Kurtzman doesn't have some idea kicking around?

Corrupted Airiam Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

This Season's Big Bad

I had my doubts about how Star Trek would handle big bads when Discovery, but now the season villain has been something I'm looking forward to in Season 3. We know that Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will feature the crew continuing to protect its massive data collection from any evil force looking to wipe out humanity, but who exactly is interested in that?

I have a hard time believing Control or whatever entity is served is completely dead and expect that to rear its head at some point or another. I also think if the universe is at all in a rough place, there will be more than a few surviving species desperate to get a hold on that information as well to hold dominion over the rest of the galaxy. Think about all the species who lived under Starfleet, the Romulans, or Klingons, and what the world would be like with others in power? Perhaps the greatest enemy of the Discovery this season may not be an obvious enemy after all?

What are you excited for in regards to Star Trek: Discovery Season 3? Let us know in the comments, and be ready for the upcoming season on CBS All Access Thursday, October 15. As always stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television and movies.

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