90 Day Fiance's Jess Caroline Alleges Colt Johnson Made Her Lose Job

Warning! The following contains spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? future episodes. Read at your own risk!

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? has been a rough ride for Colt Johnson and girlfriend Jess Caroline and, recently, the couple finally called it quits. Now that the pair's breakup has been shown on television, more details about the two's relationship came to light from Jess, who alleged that Colt cost her a job after their split.

Jess Caroline recently said a lot about her ex-boyfriend in a lengthy Instagram post, which laid out a lot of what happened after the two split. If all the things alleged in this post are true, life with and after Colt Johnson was not that fun for her:

I would like to talk about some of things I went through in my past relationship that left marks on me til this day. I know so many women go through that too and maybe this can help someone out there. My relationship was extremely abusive, I couldn’t recognize myself anymore! I lost my identity, cried a lot, was unhappy and started to question whether I was crazy like he said so many times. Every day I went to sleep sad and woke up sad. He denied all of the lies and made me believe I was out of my mind, played tricks on me, sayed he loved me in a minute and hated me and called me a whore in the other. His demeanor was extremely passive aggressive and bipolar. Then, to destroy my reputation and self steem, leaked my private pictures I trusted him with, sent it to friends and made me loose my job! Once again trying to destroy my life. I went into deep depression and til this day I go to therapy to try to get over it and to get back to my happy old self. But I made it, girls! If you find yourself in this situation where you don’t feel loved and deeply appreciated, LEAVE HIS ASS! You deserve SO MUCH more! Never let a man tell you who you are. The fight is big and the results are slow, but you will find happiness like I did. Nothing is worth your stress! Trust your girlfriends and never settle for a man that doesn’t make you feel like the best person alive.

Jess Caroline alleged that private photos she shared with Colt Johnson are what led her to lose her job. While this bit of the information is new, this is not the first time Jess Caroline has alleged that Colt sent private pictures of her around the web. The photos have been implied to be racy in nature and have been referred to in the past as an act of "revenge porn."

The message, which also included advice to other women to avoid toxic relationships, comes on the heels of a recent episode in which Jess Caroline learned Colt Johnson was sending unsolicited nudes to women on the internet. Colt has not responded (neither has his mother Debbie) to the claims he shared explicit pictures of Jess around the web but did admit on the show to sending "dick pics" to other women that weren't his girlfriend.

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As of now, the couple is split and there's growing suspicion that Colt Johnson is with the one person Jess Caroline feared the most in their relationship. Colt's friend Vanessa Guerra has been spotted alongside Colt quite a bit as of late, and there are whispers the two are now an official couple. There's even more speculation that Vanessa and Colt could've been a couple prior to his breakup with Jess, though there's no concrete evidence to substantiate that.

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