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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto, And Will It Be Used?

Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Saturday, September 19. Read at your own risk!

Memphis Garrett had a super-secret, two-part plan for his second Head of Household reign on Big Brother All-Stars, and there was some tension ahead of nominations as to what his master plan was. That was followed by some confusion when his nominations actually were announced, and it was The Committee's popular consensus for nominations Da'Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell on the block.

So what was the master plan, and why did Memphis Garrett want to hold talks again after veto? I'll get into all that below but, first, let's reveal the winner who got a desperately needed leg up in the house after a rough couple weeks.

Tyler Crispen Big Brother All-Stars CBS

And The Winner Is...

After almost self-evicting and a week on the block, Tyler Crispen has secured a veto win for The Committee. Tyler completed a maze challenge in the fastest time against Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and of course, Da'Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, and Memphis Garrett. There was chatter ahead of time that Memphis wanted Dani and Nicole to throw the competition, but Dani later worried in private to Nicole that it looked obvious she tried too hard.

Noticeably absent from this veto competition was David Alexander, who was not trusted to compete on behalf of his alliance mates Da'Vonne and Kevin. That's because both believed Memphis Garrett's plan is to ultimately backdoor David and evict him from the house, and David winning the veto would've complicated that plan greatly. Unfortunately for Memphis, it's looking like this plan may go south for him yet if Tyler and Cody Calafiore have their say.

Memphis Garrett Big Brother All-Stars CBS

What The HOH Wants...They May Not Get?

The Head of Household holds their most power ahead of nominations, but that level of power varies when it comes to veto. The wrong person winning can neuter an HOH's wishes completely in the latter stages of the game, and that's exactly the position Tyler Crispen is in with Memphis Garrett. Memphis wants to backdoor David Alexander and keep Da'Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell another week, but Tyler wants to keep David.

In fact, most of The Committee agrees that this week is the wrong week to get rid of David Alexander. They want Da'Vonne and Kevin broken up, and then it'll be smooth sailing for The Committee with whoever is left to fight against measly odds to stay alive. It also seems like there is some want on Cody Calafiore and Tyler Crispen's end to keep David in the game, though the reason why isn't immediately clear. Is it to create a target for whoever stays out of Da'Vonne/Kevin, or perhaps to keep Memphis Garrett focused while they plot behind his back?

Tyler Crispen Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Will Tyler Crispen Use The Power Of Veto?

As of Saturday night, it seems like Tyler Crispen has successfully won his battle not to use the Power of Veto. Memphis Garrett was aggravated at first but, as they talked he realized it may be more important that Da'Vonne Rogers leave the house. The two spoke about how Dani Briones went extra hard in the veto and, while they don't know it for sure, they did come to the assumption that Dani and Nicole Franzel have started a side alliance with Da'Vonne. Taking out Da'vonne weakens anything they're building, and keeping David Alexander gives the men another vote should anything unexpected happen again.

As far as retaliation from David, Memphis isn't worried about that. Memphis had already promised David safety from nomination provided he wouldn't use the veto if he won it, mostly to ensure his backdoor plan worked. Either way, David is not aware he was even the real target at this point so, in his mind, their beef is squashed. Ultimately, Memphis will score points for bending to The Committee and may even gain an ally in David for holding true to his "promise." There's still a chance he may sway Tyler to use it but, right now, it seems like a done deal that nominations will stay the same.

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