Ashley Tisdale: 6 Things You Might Not Know About The High School Musical Star

Ashley Tisdale - "Voices In My Head" Music Video

Best known for her role as Sharpay Evans in Disney's High School Musical movies, Ashley Tisdale has been a professional performer for most of her life, working as a singer, actress, and public personality from childhood up. It's a credit to her persistence and talents as a performer that she continues to find her place in Hollywood as an actress, producer, and entrepreneur, though it's possible that fans who are generally only familiar with her work in this Disney Channel productions might not know the full extent of Tisdale's career ambitions. 

From her beauty line to her role in FX's Sons of Anarchy, Ashley Tisdale has branched out extensively in the past decade-plus, and we're here to provide you with some information you might not know about the former child star. If you consider yourself a fan of Ashley Tisdale, here are a few trivia facts worth knowing about the actress.

Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabell - High School Musical

Ashley Tisdale Sang For President Bill Clinton At Age 12

From the age of 3 onward, Ashley Tisdale was propelling herself as a star performer. She established herself as a commercial actress, ambitious young singer, and voice actress, and her skills and determination eventually found her inside the the White House. 

When Tisdale was only 12-years-old, she found herself an audience with none other than the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, performing in our nation's capital. That's an opportunity that won't be shared by many, particularly when you're not even a teenager. But Tisdale's talents were undeniable from an early age, which resulted in the child star showcasing her singing capabilities to the world's most powerful person. As the years continued, Tisdale only continued to expand herself as a performer, notably with her long string of successes found — in part — through Disney Channel's shows and movies.

Lucas Grabell, Ashley Tisdale - High School Musical

Ashley Tisdale Has Her Own Production Company

Like many other well-established performers in the entertainment industry, Ashley Tisdale has started nestling her way into more behind-the-scenes roles. More specifically, back in 2010, Tisdale established her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions, alongside her sister, Jennifer, with a focus on producing television and digital programming aimed at telling stories for and by millennial women. 

She produced Daphne & Velma, a TV film based on the Scooby-Doo characters, in 2018, and the actress also serves as an executive producer on the Freeform series, Young & Hungry, as well as Bravo's Miss Advised. Prior to her work in this burgeoning company, Tisdale served as an executive producer on TV movies like 2008's Picture This and 2011's Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. Her first producing credit came when she was a co-executive producer on the 2007 short film, There's Something About Ashley: The Story of Headstrong.

Ashley Tisdale - "Voices In My Head" Music Video

She's Currently Pregnant With Her First Child

Right now, away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Ashley Tisdale is preparing to embark on her biggest project to date: motherhood. As it was announced recently, Tisdale and her husband of six years, Christopher French, are currently expecting their first child together. 

This is certainly very exciting news for the long-time couple, as it will introduce the next phase of their marriage while also establishing Tisdale's next chapter. Details are obviously limited otherwise at the time, though we hope to learn more about this newly-announced pregnancy in the months ahead. Though it's certainly understandable if Tisdale opts to keep this journey as private as possible in the months and years moving forward. Many celebrities choose to keep their family lives away from the limelight as much as possible, and Tisdale might be no exception in the days moving forward.

Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Hunnam - Sons Of Anarchy

Ashley Tisdale Wanted To Be On Sons Of Anarchy Because She Was A Huge Fan Of The Show

Being famous has its perks. In addition to the fame and fortune it brings, it can get you in contact with your favorite showrunners. Sure enough, Ashley Tisdale was a big fan of FX's Sons of Anarchy and she shared a curious connection to Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal. As it turns out, Tisdale's father built houses for both the show creator and the actress, so she has known them both for a little while, at least. Tisdale asked her father if she'd approach them on her behalf about a part on the show. He was shy about it, but it didn't matter. Because, as fate would have it, Sutter reached out to him asking if Tisdale could play a new character on his show. Sometimes, things just work out that way.

Ashley Tisdale - High School Musical 2

She Thinks Playing Sharpay In High School Musical Was Perfect For Her At The Time, But She Wouldn't Play Her Again

There's no doubt that Sharpay was Ashley Tisdale's star-making role. While she found success in earlier efforts, notably Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, it was this musical trilogy that turned the actress into a household name. 

While Tisdale is fond of the role, playing the character in three High School Musical movies and in the spin-off film, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, she's ready to let the accessory-loving character live in the past. When asked if she'd be interested in playing the part again in the future, Tisdale claims she wouldn't want to play Sharpay again, though she does believe this character came at the right time. Some roles have their time and place. This is ultimately one of them for the actress. Here's what Tisdale told Hollywood Life.

The best part about Sharpay was that she was unaware of everybody around her, and she was only aware of herself in that moment. I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to go there, but I’ve been honestly searching for a role that’s been just as exciting, because the best part was that she had so much to create.

Ashley Tisdale - "Suddenly" Music Video

Ashley Tisdale Had Her Own Make-Up Line Until Early 2020

In addition to her work as an actress, singer, and producer, Ashley Tisdale also became an auteur when she started her own make-up label, Illuminate, back in 2016. The cosmetics company was an effort on Tisdale's part to expand into the beauty and lifestyle brand. Alas, it was ultimately for naught. 

After four years of trying to establish itself in a growing industry, Tisdale decided to shutter the make-up line earlier this year. Tisdale claims she wasn't able to balance the demands of the developing brand while continuing her acting career, though it's apparent that even her fans were left a bit clueless about this venture. For some folks, the company's closure was the first time they'd heard about Tisdale's Illuminate company, which suggests either a lack of advertisement and/or an inability to stand out in a competitive market.

In addition to these trivia facts, it's also worth noting that Ashley Tisdale has allegedly appeared in over 100 advertisements, she's reportedly the first female artist to debut two songs at once, and the actress was initially reluctant to take on more mature roles following the High School Musical movies. If you know some more noteworthy bits of information about Tisdale, be sure to share them in the comment section below.

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