Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Photo Shows Ashley Tisdale Out For A Ride

Earlier this summer, in what was most definitely an unexpected but intriguing bit of casting news, we learned that High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale was set to appear in the upcoming fifth season of Sons of Anarchy. Today a photo of Tisdale in Season 5 has made its way online and it seems that - for this Tisdale - black is the new pink.

Sharpay - this character is not. When we shared the news that Tisdale was set appear in a couple of episodes of the upcoming fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, her character was said to be "a high-priced escort who complicates the club's life." That's a pretty big leap from her role as the over-privileged teen she portrayed in Disney's squeaky-clean High School Musical franchise. And something tells me we wouldn't have seen Sharpay perched atop a motorcycle, with her arms wrapped around Jax Teller, but that's how we're seeing Tisdale in this photo, courtesy of TVLine.

I'm actually excited to see how Tisdale does in SoA. She doesn't look especially happy there, but that could be less to do with being on the bike as it is whatever reason she might have for being there. Or maybe it's just her "there's wind and bugs flying in my face" face. Who knows? The photo is a nice little appetizer for the series' fifth season, which premieres on FX September 11.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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