High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale Headed To Sons Of Anarchy

In a bit of casting news that seems so unlikely, it could prove to be a slice of brilliance (or an awkward disaster), Ashley Tisdale is set to join Sons of Anarchy when the biker-focused series returns to FX for its fifth season. The High School Musical star has reportedly signed on for an arc on the series that will have her stepping out of her relatively squeaky-clean comfort zone.

Deadline is reporting that Tisdale is set to join FX's Sons of Anarchy (presumably for the upcoming Season 5) for a two-episode arc, playing the role of Emma Jean, "a high-priced escort who complicates the club's life." That's a vague description, but it certainly sounds interesting.

I like Ashley Tisdale. She was funny as the oft-villainous spoiled brat Sharpay Evans in Disney Channel's High School Musical (and the sequels that followed), and has gone one to lend her voice, her sense of humor and face to a number of small screen projects, including spots on The Suite Life on Deck and Phineas and Ferb, not to mention a role on CW's cheerleader drama Hellcats. And a week ago we learned that she'd be filling the shoes vacated by Anna Faris as the star of the fifth Scary Movie. That in itself seemed like a step away from what we've seen from her in the past, as she seemed to be targeting the younger crowd with most of her work. But a spot on Sons suggests that she's also looking to tread into darker waters, especially if complicating the club's life involves something really problematic.

I have a bad feeling for her character already, but that's probably a good thing for the show, and for Tisdale, if she's looking to show people a side we haven't really seen yet. And as someone who likes the gritty biker drama, but also indulges in the occasional sugary-sweet made-for-TV Disney musical, I cant help but love this bizarre bit of casting.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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