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Fear The Walking Dead Reveals A Changed Morgan And Foreshadows Big Deaths In Exclusive Season 6 Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 is finally set to kick off on October 11, helping to end AMC's extended zombie drought. Even though the premiere was supposed to happen much earlier this year, the show's stars and creative team have largely remained mum about what audiences can expect to see from the new episodes. Thankfully, a brand new Season 6 trailer is here with live-action confirmation that Lennie James' Morgan survived the Season 5 finale, though there's something not quite right about him.

Check out Morgan's red eyes and lots of foreshadowing about a particularly deadly event in the exclusive Fear the Walking Dead trailer below!

Though he was shot and basically left for dead in the Season 5 finale, Morgan Jones is a survivor, y'all! Granted, he's not exactly looking the part in the trailer above. His hair has completely grown out all over his head, his eyes are now redder than Colby Minifie's hair, and he's apparently been out on his own for a while, with all of the other protagonists having been shipped off to various communities ruled over by Virginia.

Morgan might look and act a little differently, but he's still quick to bring his trusty staff up at the first sign of danger.

It's not immediately clear who Morgan is talking to in that moment. His memory doesn't appear to be warped, considering his dialogue early on about finding a new safe spot for everyone to stay, so it's likely someone he actually doesn't know. But who? Could it be the confirmed-to-return Christine Evangelista as Dwight's long lost love Sherry? Or maybe someone from the CRM helicopter group?

But while Morgan obviously isn't dead, it looks like Fear the Walking Dead will deliver quite a few deaths early on in Season 6, though the details are obviously being kept secret for now. But one can assume that it won't all be nameless villains from Virginia's group, since Danay García's Luciana mentions that "good people died here today," which may or may not have something to do with that big explosion at the end of the trailer.

Arguably the most ominous moment in the trailer is Garret Dillahunt's trip to the makeshift cemetery, and with the words "Is Dead" on display, no less. We don't know who his character John Dorie would be mourning in such a way, but that feeling is likely also there during John's other shot in the trailer. The most obvious guess would be that something will happen to Jenna Elfman's June, though I don't think they'd tease that potential whopper right there in the trailer. Perhaps something ends up happening to Maggie Grace's Althea, considering she's barely in the Season 6 trailer.

Clearly, Demetrius Grosse's new character Emile will be a particularly deadly force in Season 6, as just about all of his trailer moments involve some violent act. (Virginia probably doesn't bring a lot of pacifists into the Pioneers.) But will he be responsible for killing off any of the protagonists?

fear the walking dead masked character

And then just to keep things even more mysterious, Fear the Walking Dead also dropped a masked horse rider into the mix. Granted, that might just be Dwight trying to keep his identity hidden from Virginia's crew. Or it might be someone else entirely.

Find out what everything in the trailer means when Season 6 hits AMC on Sunday, October 11, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Fear will be bundled together with its fellow spinoff Walking Dead: World Beyond, making weekends that much most post-apocalyptic for the rest of 2020. While waiting for more zombie mayhem, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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