How The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Would Feel About Reuniting With Steven Yeun's Glenn For Anthology Show

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Having left The Walking Dead in the midst of its ninth season back in 2018, Lauren Cohan is returning on a full-time basis for the Season 10 extension, and she'll likely be sticking around until the AMC drama closes out Season 11 in 2022. That's obviously fantastic news for both Maggie and the character's fervent fanbase, with viewers getting their first glimpse of her return during the long-delayed "A Certain Doom," which was initially meant to close out the season back in April. But could Cohan also appear elsewhere in the franchise?

I'm not talking about Lauren Cohan following Lennie James and Austin Amelio to join Fear the Walking Dead, but rather having Maggie take part in an episode (or more) of the impending anthology spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead, which will delve into untold stories from this undead universe, both involving familiar characters and new ones. Appearing on AMC's recent Walking Dead-verse preview special, Cohan said she would love to see episodes focusing on Alpha and Father Gabriel's respective backstories. But when I spoke with the actress this week about Season 10's pseudo-finale, I asked if she would be interested in the show showing unseen moments from Maggie and Glenn's past prior to Negan's deadly arrival. Cohan truly seemed touched by the idea, saying:

Awww, of course. It's so funny, that's not even something I let myself think of when they asked that question for the special. Of course. Gosh, would that even be too much to handle?

I'm pretty sure that fans would go absolutely bananas if Steven Yeun agreed to return to the role of Glenn for a flashback episode of Tales of The Walking Dead, especially if the point was to showcase previously unseen moments from his relationship with Maggie. Glenn's brutal death in the Season 7 premiere (along with Abraham's) was a major breaking point for some viewers, so Yeun and Cohan's TV reunion could hypothetically bring a bunch of fans back into the fold if it would ever happen.

After thinking on it for a second, Lauren Cohan did talk about one particular point in the Walking Dead timeline that she'd like to return to, and speculated that fans could possibly see it happen at some point. In her words:

Yeah, I was thinking about the scene we had – the sort of dream sequence of us all around the picnic table. There were probably parts of that that we've never seen. We shot a lot of stuff that day, and I know only a very tiny amount was in the episode. So I would even like to revisit some more of those memories. I don't see how we won't, at some point. We have a very, very big season for people, and it would be unlikely that we wouldn't explore that. But I am not saying that because I know this. This is just literally Lauren dreaming, so don't say that anybody else told me this is happening, because it's not. [Laughs.] But yeah, as far as the anthology, of course. That would be...too much. And I mean too much in a good way.

The dinner scene she's talking about is, of course, the dream sequence from the Season 7 premiere, in which Glenn is shown to be alive and well and holding onto Baby Hershel, despite the fact that his head had already been turned to jelly in the real world. It would definitely be interesting to see what kinds of moments were filmed that didn't end up making it into the episode. I'm assuming nothing with Maggie and Negan playing charades or anything like that.

In any case, it sounds like Lauren Cohan would be on board with bringing Maggie and Glenn back to fans for at least one episode of the Tales of the Walking Dead anthology show. For what it's worth, while Steven Yeun had his issues with Glenn's portrayal over the years, he did say back in 2018 that he wasn't interested in reprising the Young Glenn that Rick first met in Season 1, but didn't fully turn down the idea of returning to the character at a later age.

Here's hoping Scott Gimple, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang and all the other producers are listening, and that they don't plan on keeping Lauren Cohan too busy filming upcoming TWD episodes that the Maggie and Glenn reunion would be impossible to put together. (And if they are listening: Hey, Scott and Angela!)

The Walking Dead will return to AMC temporarily for its Season 10 finale-for-the-moment, so be sure to tune in on Sunday, October 4, at 9:00 p.m. to see exactly how Maggie returns, and which characters she gets to interact with first. In the meantime, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more TWD-verse coverage, and head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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