9 Karate Kid Movie Characters Who Still Need To Appear On Cobra Kai

Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai Netflix

Cobra Kai has really caught a new wave of popularity following its arrival on Netflix, and there's no shortage of people already curious about what will happen in The Karate Kid sequel series in Season 3. It does feel like the sky is the limit for any and everything to happen after that wild Season 2 finale, and that literally anything can happen.

And when anything can happen, it's hard not to believe anyone from Daniel LaRusso's past may work their way back into the story. Here are just some of the major names that still have yet to appear, and ones I at least will make an appearance sometime before the series' ending.

Daniel And Ali The Karate Kid

Ali Mills

One of the most glaring omissions of Cobra Kai so far, Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) has been mentioned but has yet to be seen in the series. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence's ex-high school girlfriend isn't around and apparently, has gotten married in the years since. Honestly, that's not all that surprising, but Season 2 did end with a cliffhanger of her reaching out to respond to Johnny's friend request. Given that Johnny still has some unrequited feelings from that relationship, and this is a television show where unrealistic things can happen, I wouldn't expect we'll wait much longer before we see Ali make her Cobra Kai debut.

Terry Silver The Karate Kid III

Terry Silver

The baddest of the bad guys, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is the mastermind behind it all in The Karate Kid. He was the guy that gave John Kreese money for Cobra Kai, and one of those stereotypical corporate villains whose company dumps toxic waste in the environment. He also played a key role in The Karate Kid III.  Did I mention he was a badass karate master as well? This guy is the full package, and possibly the reason why John Kreese was able to regain control of Cobra Kai in Season 2 so quickly. Are Kreese and Silver still close, and if so, when will he make himself known?

Kumiko Daniel The Karate Kid Part II


After Ali and Daniel broke up, there was Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita). Daniel and Kumiko were a thing in The Karate Kid Part II, but the two went their separate ways after the film. Kumiko actually ended up getting an offer at a dancing school in Tokyo. Who knows where life has taken her since, but considering Daniel LaRusso has kept tabs on what Ali has been up to on social media, I would imagine he and Kumiko are friends on Facebook as well. I'm not exactly sure how she'd come back into the story, though it would be interesting to hear maybe she ended up getting together with Chozen after all?

Chozen And Kimiko The Karate Kid Part II

Chozen Toguchi

People think Johnny Lawrence's life was ruined by Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai but think about the raw deal Chozen Tuguchi (Yuji Okumoto) got. Not only did he get disowned by his uncle, but he made a fool out of himself by requesting that Daniel kill him after their fight and Daniel honked his nose like a circus clown. That's the kind of disrespect that sticks with someone their whole life, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Chozen Toguchi could be convinced to get in business with anyone who was looking to embarrass Daniel LaRusso. I don't think the odds of him appearing in Cobra Kai are great, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out.

Jessica Lively Daniel The Karate Kid Part III

Jessica Andrews

It would be a stretch to call Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) from The Karate Kid III a love interest of Daniel LaRusso, but the two were friends. She ends up moving to Columbus, Ohio and seeing as no real sparks ever flew between them, perhaps the two found each other on Facebook one day and are friends on the platform. Again, if he's friends with his high school fling decades after they broke up, I just have to believe that Daniel was in the habit of friending all these old flames. Hopefully, his wife is ok with that!

Dutch The Karate Kid


Once Johnny Lawrence's right-hand man, Dutch (Chad McQueen) was noted as one of the baddest guys that was a part of the original Cobra Kai. Season 2 actually featured an update on his whereabouts, where it was said he was serving 5-10 years in a federal penitentiary. Typically name drops like that don't happen if there aren't plans to bring Dutch into the story, though one could argue Season 3 may be one of the worst times to do so. Imagine a bad egg like that finding Johnny at what could be his lowest point?

Julie Pierce The Next Karate Kid

Julie Pierce

It wasn't that long ago that the thought of Hilary Swank appearing on Cobra Kai as Julie Pierce was a pipe dream. Now that Cobra Kai is on Netflix and Swank is starring in the streamer's series Away, it doesn't seem all that impossible. Perhaps the star of The Next Karate Kid could come into the story when she hears about Daniel's efforts with Miyagi-Do, or maybe even run the dojo if he can't anymore? Given the ban by his wife, he may need someone to carry on the legacy he can't.

Mike Barnes The Karate Kid Part III

Mike Barnes

How can we list off prominent characters in The Karate Kid -- or in this case, The Karate Kid III -- and not mention "Karate's Bad Boy,"? Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) was the man in karate and arguably a better competitor than Daniel LaRusso, but got bested by Daniel in a key tournament. His anger that followed resulted in a lifetime ban from all karate tournaments that followed. Barnes brought that on himself, but something tells me he'd also hold a Johnny Lawrence-type grudge for how his life turned out after, but maybe not. Either way, I'd love to see him on Cobra Kai just to find out.

Snake Silver The Karate Kid Part III

Snake Silver

If you're going to bring Terry Silver back to The Karate Kid franchise, might as well bring his son Snake (Jonathan Avildsen) along for the ride. Snake Silver has about the most badass name in The Karate Kid franchise, though one that quite transparently labels him as a villain. How exactly does one make a good impression with a name like Snake Silver? I'd love to see Cobra Kai delve into this guy's story, and more importantly, reveal whether or not he really went by Snake Silver as the years went on and how that worked out for him.

Any other characters you'd like to see in Cobra Kai? Let us know in the comments, and stream Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. As always continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television and movies.

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