Why Supernatural Is Already Making Me Nervous For Castiel In The Final Episodes

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Supernatural is on the way back to the small screen with the final episodes of Season 15, following a long and unexpected hiatus that took the final season off the air for months. Now that the end is really nigh, the time is right to look at what we know is on the way, and I for one am more nervous than ever for Castiel in particular following the release of a new trailer.

Of course, Cas has been killed off so many times that he's a logical pick for a big death before the end of the series, and that deal with The Empty still has yet to be fulfilled. That said, the new footage leads me to suspect that fans might be losing Cas earlier than expected, and perhaps not getting him back this time. Take a look at the trailer, and then circle back for why I'm getting pretty concerned for everybody's favorite trenchcoat-wearing angel.

This new trailer is actually footage from the episodes cut in with behind-the-scenes video, seemingly confirming the returns of some beloved characters including Charlie and Donna. I'm more concerned with the actual footage, and what it reveals -- or perhaps more importantly, doesn't reveal -- about Cas. Misha Collins does appear in the trailer, but Castiel seems to be in a pretty rough situation in most of his scenes.

Whether he's fighting, being choked by Billie, or just looking somber even by Cas standards, I'm not seeing much to indicate that he'll be an active and ongoing member of Team Free Will 2.0. While Cas has also been missing for several episodes in the past without being killed off, that may not be the case this time around.

The new trailer also shows Sam and particularly Dean looking pretty rough and shaken up, and shaking up the Winchester brothers after nearly 15 full seasons of monsters, demons, and various looming apocalypses is no easy task. Dean seemingly crying on the floor, Sam throwing books, and both drinking combined with a shortage of Cas in the trailer just adds weight to my suspicions.

And then, perhaps most troublingly of all, there are a lot of shots of Jack with Sam and Dean, but Castiel nowhere to be found. Would the Winchesters be hunting and road-tripping with just Jack in the final episodes of the final season if Cas wasn't dead (again) or at least missing? All those shots of just Sam, Dean, and Jack seem awfully foreboding, and the deal with The Empty hasn't been forgotten.

Throw in the content of a previous trailer that showed a crying Castiel talking to a crying Dean, and my money is unfortunately on Cas being dragged to The Empty at some point before the last two episodes kick off. There is the question of what could make Cas so happy that The Empty would come to collect on the deal, but maybe The Empty will just change the terms based on the Winchesters warring against God.

We can only wait and see at this point. If Castiel does meet his end before the end of Supernatural, I at least hope we get one last Cas-centric episode. Whether or not he dies and stays dead, Castiel deserves a grand farewell. See the first episode of Supernatural's last run with the Season 15 fall premiere on Thursday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For some additional viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere guide.

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