Legacies Is Finally Back On Set For Season 3 After Ending On A Crazy Covid Cliffhanger

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It has been a long time since The CW's Legacies signed off back in March, and it has felt even longer. The series, like many others, ended up having to cut its season short due to the COVID pandemic. Fast forward to October, however, and the cast was finally returned to the set for Season 3. What's more, they have the social media posts to prove it. Let the new episodes commence!

Legacies left off Season 2 with Kaylee Bryant's Josie finally freeing “Dark Josie” thanks to Danielle Rose Russell's Hope, while Olivia Liang's Alyssa and Peyton Alex Smith's Raf were also back from the dead. The bad news, though, came in the form of the finale’s cliffhanger, for which Hope and Aria Shahghasemi's Landon remained in their respective comas. Will Season 3 see them quickly regain consciousness? That remains to be seen, but for now, check out these pics and video the cast back on Legacies’ set:

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Make sure you slide through to see everything, too, though it might be hard for fans to sink their fangs into this awesomeness while still keeping to social distancing. Legacies’ cast members look excited to get back to work, and fans likely can't wait to see what Season 3 has in store for all involved. After a rough time for Josie and company, things could be on the upswing if everyone's smiles are something to go by.

How will those Season 3 scripts play out, though? Legacies brought back Alyssa and Raf after they seemed to get killed off the show. However, actress Olivia Liang has been cast in the lead role of The CW’s upcoming Kung Fu reboot, so time will tell if she is able to stay on Legacies in a long-term capacity.

As for the cliffhanger, Landon is the only one who has not come back from beyond the grave, but that is still quite an exodus from the great beyond. One person that fans should not expect to see returning in Season 3 is Hope’s father. Joseph Morgan has said that he is not interested in playing Klaus again. Thankfully, fans have all five seasons of The Originals to help with any anguish over that statement.

As for the Legacies cast, they looked overjoyed to be back at work for the third (and hopefully non-shortened) season. The spinoff joins fellow CW drama Riverdale in recently getting back to the grind, which is also the cast for most of the Arrowverse series. Hopefully, the Legacies group felt better about having to quarantine for production than Lili Reinhart did. The Riverdale actress had shared her unvarnished thoughts on the topic of quarantining and the rough realization of it all.

Based on the pictures shared on Instagram, the cast of Legacies seems to have come through things, okay. Hopefully, Hope and Landon themselves will be able to soon say the same.

It is not happening this fall, but the supernatural drama will be back sooner than later, as Season 3 of Legacies is set to arrive on The CW next year in 2021. In the meantime, the first two seasons of Legacies are currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix alongside 2020 arrivals.

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