Why Adele's Weight Loss Is About So Much More Than Getting Skinny

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Adele’s weight loss journey in 2020 has been a stunning transformation for the “Rumour Has It” singer, but it’s not just been a physical transformation. Through, diet, exercise and cutting back on alcohol, those who have watched Adele as she’s made changes now say the journey hasn’t just been about getting skinny. It’s about Adele loving and making time for herself.

Why Adele Lost The Weight

Adele’s trainer and friends have said her journey was one of wellness and not of weight loss alone. Early reports after the singer unveiled her weight loss revealed she was carrying “stress” as a working performer and mom. Adele has a major career and she is raising her son Angelo James, born in 2012. Additionally, in 2019 she had filed for divorce and was dealing with that in her personal life. This was all coming after grueling road tours that frankly had left the singer openly exhausted and talking about possibly quitting touring completely. Something needed to change.

Her trainer Peter Geracimo, has said Adele was fully committed to getting healthy on Instagram, noting that she wasn't selling out by losing weight and that Adele had personally wanted to commit to a whole new lifestyle.

In my personal experience of working with her through many highs and lows, she always marched to the beat of her own drum on her own terms. She never undermined her God-given talent in any way. She let her incredible voice do the talking, or should I say singing! She never once pretended to be something that she wasn’t. What you saw was what you got. And we all LOVED it! When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy.

So, it was a personal decision to lose weight and the focus for Adele was on being healthier and happier. The end result has been stunning for the singer on multiple levels.

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What Fans Should Focus On When It Comes To Adele's Journey

Not all fans have been super positive about Adele’s weight loss, even if those close to her say it has been coming from the right place. Recently, though, during an appearance on Lorraine, Adele’s pal Alan Carr said we should be focusing more on Adele’s voice than her looks these days, as it was her voice that has helped people through emotional times all over the world.

She's always been gorgeous, with those eyes and those lips. With Adele, you sort of missed the point if you’re just worried about what size knickers she wears. 'Cause it’s the voice. It’s that inspirational, awesome voice!

So, if you’ve been a hater about Adele’s weight loss in 2020, Alan Carr really thinks you should back off a little and appreciate the thing about Adele that made her famous in the first place.

How Adele Lost The Weight

Adele’s trainer also previously told People the “Hello” singer “quit smoking, reduced her drinking, got rid of sugar and stopped eating processed foods,” all as part of this new journey. It’s seemingly made her happier, fitter and more productive.

Her career/life balance seems to be coming together these days as well. The singer recently announced her excitement over landing a hosting gig on SNL. Hosting can actually be notably stressful, but now that Adele has found a balance in her life, I’m guessing she’ll do just fine.

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