The Blacklist Season 8 Has Just Started Filming, But It Sounds Like 'Major Stuff' Is Already Happening

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When it comes to scoops about The Blacklist, Amir Arison has been an excellent source for it. Last year, as fans anticipated the NBC drama’s return, Arison shared that the previous season would get off to a jaw-dropping start. Cut to 2020, and Season 8 is in its early days of filming Despite production only just ramping up, Arison is teasing that “major stuff” is already going down.

The Blacklist cast thrilled many with some pics of them returning to work, and the excitement on social media has has not ended there. Amir Arison took to Twitter to share an incredibly intriguing tease about Season 8 and his review of the scripts he has gotten so far. The actor had expressed his love for the previous season, so what about this one? Amir Arison tweeted:

Oh boy. Barely into filming the 8th season @NBCBlacklist & MAJOR stuff happens. I’m hooked on these scripts!!!

Whoa! Everyone, please put on your Blacklist thinking fedoras and contemplate what this could entail. The Blacklist’s executive producer, John Eisendrath, has teased that Season 8 will start with all of the significant action that would have ended last season. So viewers don't need to fear any planned story developments getting scrapped at the start of Season 8, as the hastened crescendo to the previous season should bleed into it.

The capitalization of “major” preceding “stuff” is what really has my theory radar tingling for answers. Does this mean The Blacklist is delving deeper into Liz’s epic change of heart when it comes to Red? Will the beginning of Season 8 explain why she is siding with her psychopathic mother, who threatened to murder Dembe’s Imam? To me, Katarina is off the wall villainous.

I'm holding onto the slimmest strands of hope that Aram will figure out that Liz is faking this newfound devotion to her mother. Of course, Amir Arison may or may not be speaking out about developments for Aram, who heads into Season 8 in decent shape. That may not last for long, though, since Liz’s new allegiance is going to be a topic when The Blacklist returns.

Can Aram talk Liz out of it? He has always been a massive supporter of Red’s, no matter what identity he's going by in an episode of The Blacklist. That's not to say that Aram has not had any issues with Red. They have come to blows before quickly patching things up, so we'll have to see.

I just doubt Aram would switch to Katarina’s side, considering what she's done so far. Find out what happens to Aram and everyone else when The Blacklist returns in less than a month. Season 8 is one of this fall’s premieres and will begin on Friday, November 13, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Until Season 8 premieres in November, you can check out all seven of the seasons that have led up to it via Netflix’s releases.

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