Last Man Standing Jokes About Masks, COVID Safety And The NFL In New Videos From Final Season

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Last Man Standing has commenced filming on its final episodes and, while viewers will have to wait until January 2020 to watch them, the long-running sitcom is already sharing some teasers to get fans pumped for what's to come, even if the promos aren't actually showing off new footage. The FOX sitcom released two new videos that feature Mike and Vanessa and jokes about masks, COVID safety, and the NFL.

A lot has happened since Last Man Standing dramatically ended production last season just shy of the finale, as COVID bore down on filming. Masks and COVID safety are, of course, the norms now. In the video below, Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter jokes about what it would be like to co-star with a stand-in, similar to The Bold and The Beautiful’s post-COVID solution for love scenes. Check it out:

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Thankfully, Mike and Vanessa Baxter will be together in the flesh, instead of using cardboard cutouts, for the recently announced final season. Though Skate America did have skaters perform in front of cardboard cutouts during this weekend’s event. So it's not as far off as some watching this Last Man Standing video may think. Now, to another video, which shows off Mike’s take on wearing a mask:

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As fans know, Mike is an avid NFL fan, which has led to many comedic moments throughout the years in which Mike has struggled to take in a game. It wouldn't be Last Man Standing’s finale season without Mike planting himself in front of the television for an NFL face-off in the Baxters’ living room. In this promo, Nancy Travis’ Vanessa is in the flesh, and she asks some critical questions. See what you think below:

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In the Last Man Standing video, Vanessa asks Mike if Tom Brady or Drew Brees have announced they are retiring. She then wonders aloud if saying it is their “final season” will bring in more ratings. The comment was (at least to me) an explicit tease regarding Last Man Standing’s fate. I hope there are huge ratings for it, although it is a sad pill to swallow that it will be its last.

Last season, Last Man Standing stood up strong to its competition in the ratings. Of course, I would love nothing more than for it to turn out to be a Brett Favre situation, where the end is not as near as it seems. While Tim Allen’s comments about the final season helped salve the wound, I still want more seasons of the indomitable sitcom.

See what Mike and Vanessa get up to, along with the rest of the Baxters, when Last Man Standing’s final season begins on FOX in January 2020 after this fall’s premieres. Before Season 9 arrives next year, you can also watch past seasons on CMT via syndication or by streaming them on Hulu.

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