Disney’s Big Hero 6: The Series: Check Out K-Pop Stars Jae Park and Nichkhun Rocking Out In New Video

I'm not sure exactly how big the Venn diagram of K-pop fans and lovers of Big Hero 6: The Series really is, but if you're one of the people who fall at the center of those circles, you're going to love this. The next episode of the Disney XD animated series is going to introduce its own K-pop band, which will be fronted by a pair of actual K-pop stars, and we've got the first chance to see, and more importantly, hear, that band. It will be called 4 2 Sing and it's brought to life thanks to Jae Park of DAY6 and Nichkhun of 2PM. Give it a listen in the video above.

The new episode, titled "Big Hero Battle" will introduce the K-pop band 4 2 Sing, made up of two pairs of identical twins. Jae Park proves the voices for twins Kwang-Sun and Ye Joon and Nichkhun will voice Dae and Hyun-Ki. Both are making their animated television debut. In the clip, we see that Big Hero 6 team member Wasabi is apparently a massive fan of this band, while Go-Go...is really not. Maybe it's because their hit song is just them singing about themselves? However, things get a little less fannish when 4 2 Sing apparently decides to try to out-superhero Big Hero 6. So maybe Go-Go will have a chance to slap them around.

Big Hero 6: The Series has been going through a lot of changes recently, both for the characters in the show as well as the production of the show itself. Season 3 sees the team beginning to show signs of possibly splitting up. Now that some of the team has graduated, they're beginning to look at their own futures, and it's unclear how much of that future will include the superhero team.

At the same time, the new season of Big Hero 6: The Series, has shifted from telling single 22-minute long stories, to a pair of 11-minute stories per episode. But we can thank that change for bringing us this particular episode. When I spoke to the producers of Big Hero 6: The Series last month, producer Bob Schooley explained that the desire to do a K-pop centered episode had been around for a while, but the format change was the thing that allowed them to finally pull the trigger. Making a full episode that surrounded K-pop was something of a tall order, but only needing half the time allowed for a complete story.

Even if you're not a serious K-pop nerd, this episode looks like a lot of fun. And for the writer who inspired the episode, who apparently traveled to Asia at one point specifically to see a K-pop concert (back when traveling was a thing you could do), this is almost certainly going to be an awesome experience.

The "Big Hero Battle" episode of Big Hero 6: The Series debuts on Disney XD on November 2.

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