When Calls The Heart's Erin Krakow And EP Had Great News For Fans Worried The Show Is Ending Soon

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When Calls the Heart has been going for seven seasons now and it is returning to Hallmark for Season 8 next year. When you consider that the show has run for the better part of a decade, it makes sense to wonder if the end is somewhere on the horizon. But for everyone worried that the Hallmark Channel hit is ending soon, one When Calls the Heart executive producer has great news for all.

Rumors swirled recently promoting the notion that When Calls the Heart would be ending next season, which sparked a Twitter user to reach out to series star Erin Krakow. The actress, who's enjoying the middle of that controversial love triangle sandwich between Nathan, Elizabeth, and Lucas, then weighed in with her take. Krakow expressed her hope in the show continuing, which sparked When Calls the Heart executive producer Brian Bird to then share some great news with his own tweet:

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Yes, you read that correctly. Even though it's technically not his call, When Calls the Heart’s executive producer said that Erin Krakow and the rest of the case aim to beat animated juggernaut The Simpsons' record-setting 31 seasons on the air. The Simpsons is currently airing Season 32, and isn't in any danger of being cancelled, so When Calls the Heart would probably have to make it a lot longer to truly beat it. There is clearly plenty of time for the beloved Hallmark drama to catch up.

Erin Krakow and her co-stars are currently in the midst of filming Season 8, and they seem pumped for fans to tune in. Production resumed a few months ago with heightened safety precautions in place due to the threat of COVID-19. As fans of television will recall, the novel coronavirus led to an industry-wide shutdown that impacted the TV and movie business. With the revised production measures in place, When Calls the Heart was able to resume filming for its upcoming season, and will hopefully wrap things up without any further setbacks.

How much longer the show will run is anyone’s guess at this point, although Erin Krakow’s enthusiasm to continue certainly bodes well for it, despite her original leading man having departed the series, leading her character Elizabeth to get whisked into a romantic triangle. Krakow’s willingness to continue the series indefinitely is certainly great news for its longevity, since a happy cast can only help grease the wheels when it comes to renewals.

Of course, sometimes enthusiasm isn't always enough. The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco was in no rush to end the CBS sitcom after twelve seasons, but was still forced into it due to Jim Parsons' decision not to continue. That said, Cuoco shared co-lead status with her six co-stars, while Krakow is more of the centerpiece, despite When Calls the Heart needing the ensemble that surrounds her. Hence, Krakow’s enthusiasm being a tremendous asset for the show moving forward.

Keep those hearts full, Hearties! When Calls the Heart’s future is indefinite at this point. That said, it is not all great news for fans as of late, considering there won't be a Christmas movie this year, which was a development that Hearties have shared their feelings about upon it getting announced, and also led to some of those aforementioned rumors. That said, there is still a lot to look forward to.

When Calls the Heart is currently slated to return to Hallmark Channel for Season 8 in 2021, which puts it returning long after this fall’s premieres. While you wait to see what the future of Hope Valley entails, you can binge past seasons on Netflix along with new 2020 content arriving on the streamer.

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