The Masked Singer Best Costumes So Far, Ranked

Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger in The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is one of Fox’s biggest reality shows, averaging millions of viewers an episode and gaining lots of social media buzz. What makes the series such a success is the amusing concept of celebrities wearing outlandish costumes while singing and dancing on stage--many of who aren’t professional singers. The Masked Singer is a show that allows the whole family to play along and guess the celebrities behind the masks. The series has included famous people such as Lil Wayne, Sarah Palin, Tony Hawk, and Bella Thorne.

Throughout The Masked Singer’s three seasons, soon-to-be four, we’ve seen some pretty spectacular performances and some even greater costumes. These costumes have caught our attention for their unusualness, wacky aesthetics, or just being fun to look at each week. For this list, I ranked and selected five of the most eye-catching Masked Singer costumes so far.

The Llama costume on The Masked Singer

5. The Llama (Season 3)

The Masked Singer costume designer had to be in a very playful mood when he or she created The Llama costume. It’s a half llama-half human creation, with the costume showing a llama in a full shorts jumper outfit while accessorizing with a huge camera and sunglasses--a nod to tourism, because llamas are known for being travelers? I am not quite sure what caused the inspiration for The Llama costume but I appreciate its quirkiness.

The Llama is a hard animal to tie to Drew Carey, who was the man behind it, which made the reveal even more surprising and entertaining. Llama’s costume design gave the character a story, just with his clothes and tongue hanging out--it told a lot. He felt like your wacky uncle Llama Larry who you see cracking jokes at family reunions. Knowing Carey’s fun hosting style and comedic background, it made sense for him to be drawn to such a strange and visually jolly character.

The Thingamajig costume on The Masked Singer

4. The Thingamajig (Season 2)

I think for me what made The Thingamajig such a great costume is because it’s something that can’t quite be put in a box. It’s a phrase you say when you can’t remember or don’t know the name of something. So the thingamajig is indefinable, so seeing how The Masked Singer made an attempt to give it a physical presence was cool to see. The body of The Thingamajig feels like a hybrid of multiple things: the face feels like a monster, but the hands and feet feel like an animal, and the outfit and glasses are human traits.

The Thingamajig is also in the middle ground of a very cute creature and a terrifying one. Victor Oladipo was the man behind the Thingamajig, and I guess it fits with him because he’s not just a basketball player, but also a very talented singer, and he probably has many other talents that the world doesn’t know about yet. The coolness of the Thingamajig also made sense with Victor Oladipo because basketball players just feel like cool people.

The Elephant on The Masked Singer

3. The Elephant (Season 3)

Visually, The Elephant costume looks nothing like a real-life elephant. It’s a black elephant with dark orange traffic cones for tusks. The black design’s glossiness almost makes the entire mask look metallic. Many people, mainly because of Disney, now associate elephants as these large but cute and cuddly creatures with big ears that sometimes allow them to fly. The Masked Singer’s Elephant costume makes them seem way cooler than Dumbo, even punk rock.

Of all The Masked Singer costumes this is the one that feels the edgiest. Most of The Masked Singer costumes are more silly, goofy, and a bit cute--possibly because the show is geared toward families with small children, or because of future merchandising opportunities, either way, this one really steps away from the usual. That’s why I like The Elephant costume so much. It’s one of the most unusual, even if it lacks some of the details that the other costumes possess. It’s also very fitting that the man behind The Elephant was none other than pro-skater Tony Hawk. People can say a lot of things about Tony Hawk but they can’t say he isn’t cool, so of course, his costume is one of the coolest ones on The Masked Singer.

The Night Angel costume on The Masked Singer

2. The Night Angel (Season 3)

The Night Angel is such a stunning costume. It feels like you’re staring at either a demonic figure or one torn between the dark side and the light, which I am guessing was the point in the Night Angel’s aesthetic. The purple and pink color choice and the masquerade type mask gives it a bit of a Mardi Gras feel. It also kind of looks like a creature that could pop up at you at a haunted house. Despite the frightening nature of the costume, it also feels mythological, like this could have been an updated version of a Siren creature luring you in with her voice.

The Night Angel ended up winning The Masked Singer Season 3, so not only was she visually stunning but also musically unmatched that year. Kandi Burruss was the celebrity behind The Night Angel mask and it seems fitting considering how legendary Burruss is in the music world and the reality TV world. Her own identity is a bit mythological in there are so many stories on who Burruss is, but fans will never quite know all of her many sides and angles.

The Leopard The Masked Singer

1. The Leopard (Season 2)

The Leopard looks and dresses like The Masked Singer royalty. The costume has eighteenth-century royalty garments, almost like an English queen with big bright green eyes. It’s just such a strange costume to look at but that’s what makes it the best one. It’s very eccentric, and that kind of fits the whole theme of The Masked Singer. It’s a colorful show.

The Leopard isn’t just a standout costume but Seal gave the character so much life. It was like he decided that I am going to match this over-the-top costume with an even bigger personality. The Leopard has been one of the most fun characters to watch over the past three seasons. He has been visually offbeat, a zany character, and one of the most talented singers on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer has had a lot of great costumes over the first three seasons, so I know I couldn’t fit all my favorites and yours into this list, so let us know in the comment section which costume has been your favorite. I can’t wait to see all the new costumes during The Masked Singer Season 4. Catch the premiere of The Masked Singer Season 4 on Wednesday, September 23.

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