After Suicide Squad And Batman Spinoffs, HBO Max Is Going Hard On DC Comics TV In An Unexpected Way

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HBO Max has quickly become one of the most premiere streaming services out there to counter Netflix's gargantuan hold over non-linear TV audiences. The service will likely see a big boost in both programming and customers in 2021, thanks to today's unprecedented Warner Bros. announcement that all of its film releases will make streaming debuts at the same time they hit theaters. Now, following the already announced The Suicide Squad spinoff Peacemaker and Matt Reeves' The Batman spinoff show, HBO Max is ramping up its DC Comics TV slate in a new and long overdue way.

HBO and HBO Max's CCO Casey Bloys announced that the streaming service is now looking into the vast DC Comics library for content to adapted that can be produced outside of the United States, which would be a first for such adaptations. Here in the U.S., we're obviously spoiled by many decades of live-action DC superhero content largely set and produced within these borders, but HBO Max seeks to continue expanding its global reach by utilizing that universal love of comic book lore on a more directly international level. Here's how Bloys put it during the virtual Web Summit conference (via Deadline):

We’re also going to work to see DC content in other countries outside of the U.S. . . . One of the big themes of bringing HBO Max together was breaking down the silos between HBO, Warner Bros and TBS and TNT. I’d say one other silo was international.

HBO is definitely no stranger to crafting high-quality TV series and movies all around the world, both with its English-language projects and otherwise. HBO Max is already gaining ground beyond the U.S. with its originals, and now those execs will be tapping into the vast world of DC Comics to continue bringing swaths of new customers to the table.

Unfortunately, no specific titles were mentioned by Casey Bloys during the call, but he did basically confirm that regardless of where any future international DC shows are produced, the goal is to have everything eventually under the HBO Max umbrella available for all subscribers to enjoy. Here's how Bloys addressed that notion.

One of the things that we’re going to do with Max is that all of our international productions will eventually live on Max and we’re going to do a much better job of co-ordinating between all of the folks programming in Europe, Latin America and Asia so if there’s anything that we’re developing that has real cross-border appeal, we’ll be able to highlight that,

There's obviously no telling when the next update will come from HBO Max's team, but now's a good time to start thinking about all the awesome shows that might come out of this deal. An easy first choice would be to craft a series based on the vigilante team the International Club of Heroes, which is also dubbed the Batmen of All Nations. The Green Arrow inspired a similar team of vigilantes inspired by his heroism, which could be a clever way to tie into The CW's Arrowverse on some level.

Speaking of Green heroes, HBO Max is also developing a series based on the Green Lantern Corps, which will likely take viewers around the world and off of it entirely. Beyond that and the aforementioned Batman tie-in and Peacemaker, the streaming platform is also working with DC on a Justice League Dark TV series, a Strange Adventures anthology series, the teen-based DC Super Hero High, not to mention the Rosario Dawson show based on Vertigo's DMZ. And that's on top of being the current streaming home for Harley Quinn, Titans and Doom Patrol. Oh, and something called the muh-fuckin' Snyder Cut. So even if DC is slow going on international projects, there's more than enough DC content on the way to keep fans occupied.

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