90 Day Fiance: Are Ariela And Biniyam Planning A Big Move?

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Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre had a rough go of things in Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but despite the stress and drama, the season ended with Biniyam's official proposal to her. Ariela said yes, which seemed like not just a commitment to Biniyam, but to the new life the two have made together in Ethiopia.

That's what it seemed like, but some recent online activity by Biniyam Shibre has me and others wondering if Ethiopia is a place Ariela, Biniyam, and their son Aviel will soon put in the past. Check out this picture from Biniyam's Instagram, and pay close attention to that bio.

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Why would Biniyam Shibre, a citizen of Ethiopia who is fully ingrained and prideful of his culture, have an American flag emoji in his Instagram biography? The only connection he has to the Americas is through fiancé Ariela Weinberg, and his ex-wife and child. Is it possible that Biniyam is making moves to prepare for immigration to America, and that the family will set out for a new life back in the United States?

It's possible, especially after a bit of sleuthing on Ariela Weinberg's page showed she made a trip back to America since baby Aviel's birth. Take a look at the picture below, which features a shopping bag from the east coast shopping chain andThat! in the background.

A photo posted by on

Now, traveling home for the holidays isn't typically a sign of something strange (unless you're Deavan Clegg), but paired with Biniyam's show of American patriotism on his page, it should make 90 Day Fiancé viewers wonder. Ariela's family seems to be pretty well off, and perhaps Ariela and Biniyam had an honest discussion about making the move to America after struggling to obtain some basic things for Aviel?

It's also worth noting that America's recent restoration of DACA, while not relevant to Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg's situation, has led to speculation that relaxed guidelines for the K1 visa process are also on the way. I can't claim to be an expert on the process, but we do know from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way that Biniyam had tried and failed to obtain a K1 visa when Ariela first got pregnant.

Should something have changed recently in the guidelines, it's possible he got the approval, and is planning or has already made the trip to America to take steps towards citizenship. It seems like a big step for the couple considering Biniyam's love for Ethiopia, but perhaps America may be the place for his budding music career to really take off.

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